(FGA) after the Lord Mayor's show

By BH - October 8 2015
(FGA) after the Lord Mayor's show Following last week's triumph at Claypole, the 2015 SLBL Div 2 champions welcomed Spalding 3rds to the Shrine. Read how they got on here...

There was something of a party feel to the last game of the season, with the title all sewn up last week at Claypole, it was a good chance for everyone to play without pressure, particularly against a young Spalding side.

Adam won the toss and chose to bat (unheard of at Baston) and sent vintage duo Lloyd and Nozzer out to open.

15 Spalding (2) LloydLloyd's legendary back swing

Unfortunately Lloyd must have been celebrating Baston's league title heavily all week as he forgot to cover the wicket during the torrential rain in the days before the game. This partly accounted for Baston top 6 all failing miserably, with Lloyd himself the only one to score more than 4 as Baston reached a pathetic 29-6 with the game looking to be all over within a couple of hours. Anticipating an early finish; Hawk's mum was drinking her coolbag full of wine much quicker than usual.

Fortunately the skipper took it upon himself to stem the tide, and aided briefly by Lamin (3), and then Mark, who would have opened the batting but for disappearing for an hour, started to push the game back into Baston's favour.

15 Spalding (2) Adam2Adam hitting some form at the end of the season

The pitch was improving as it dried out, while Adam was batting more confidently, rotating the strike well and hitting gaps brilliantly. Mark departed for a good 15, as Baston reached 96-8.

The Hawk (3*) backed up Adam brilliantly, who started to up the attack against the Spalding slower bowlers, punishing bad balls and eventually bringing up his maiden Baston fifty, and followed the Milts handbook of removing his cap to celebrate.

15 Spalding (2) Adam1

With the shackles off, he was out a couple of balls later, too excited charging down the wicket and was stumped for a brilliant 51. Bashwell was out the next ball and Baston reached 136 all out, which was more than competitive.


The final home tea of the season was excellent as it always is with swordfish sandwiches, and goat milk chocolate cakes. The combination of Sue, Pat, Belinda, Marcelle, Dougie, Robyn and Deb do a great job that is appreciated by us and every visiting team.


Adam gave up new ball duties, as he had to talk someone else through his 50, and gave the ball to Biggs and Hawk, who both picked up an early wicket to reduce Spalding to 6-2, including a catch for academy wicket keeper VSM who had donned the gloves for the last game of the season

Bash replaced Hawk and also got himself on the scoresheet, as Adam took his 11th outfield catch of the season, the best in the league.

Adam brought himself on and picked up a couple of early wickets, cleaning up Lawrence and Andrews to leave Spalding 42-5.

After Lamin had secured himself a couple of wickets, Adam finally brought himself out of the attack, earning an ironic cheer from the hoardes of bored fans, and in his place came Ben for a jaunt at the pavilion end. Many said it was the best spell of spin bowling seen from a Baston player that year with turn, bounce, drift and pace variations. Ben grabbed a wicket with Gardner deceived by the flight of the ball and spooning a simple catch to Briggers at midwicket.

Lamin took the wickets of a couple of dads at the bottom of the order to earn Baston a 43 run win.

Scorecard: http://baston.play-cricket.com/website/results/2374275