Farewell Milts

By BH - October 6 2015
Farewell Milts Baston looked to get their season back on track with a visit to Belton Park. Read how they got on here...

After last week's defeat at Claypole, this turned into a must win game at lowly Belton Park 2nds. The weather was roasting hot with hundreds of fans in attendance (there for the cricket and not to look at some old house)

The youthful Belton side featured several first team players and their body-building skipper had no reluctance in opting to bat on a hard dry pitch.

After his impressive spell opening last week, Briggsy was chucked the ball, but unfortunately found it tough going as young opener Helliwell (43) took a likening to him driving beautifully off the back foot for a flurry of boundaries. Liam replaced him after a few overs and removed both openers.


Tim Dyer turned a ball. Bowling around the wicket, and with the ball drifting into the left hander, it ripped off the surface leaving the batsman and finished a few inches outside off.

Tim showed his experience, bowling a superb spell taking 2-31. He should have had a third as he trapped a scoreless Paul Hollywood on the crease plum in front. This was to be the turning point of the Belton innings, as a riled Hollywood (because Milts told him he was sh1t) anchored the innings well, as he scored 52 from 54 balls, and took Belton to within a whisker of the magical 200.

15 Belton - Hollywood

After a bit of scampering from a few kids at the bottom of the order, Belton managed a very impressive 199-7. This was a lot more than Baston should have been chasing but for some diabolical fielding and poor bowling at times, including buzzers, Ant jumping out of the way at third man, Big Dave nearly being decapitated, Milts taking one in the face, and Tim Dyer (aged 64) chasing a ball around the boundary for 70 yards and the batsmen only running one.

15 Belton - Team


What happened next was almost inevitable with Morris going for a golden duck, and Liam picking out mid off without scoring. Fortunately Milts and Ben had their game heads on and put on a good partnership of over 80 runs going into the first drinks break, well ahead of the rate.

15 Belton - Milton

Milts (30) 

The drinks break couldn't have come at a worse time and killed the momentum of the innings as Milts (30) picked out midwicket on his return to action. Boner tried to snudge a ball off the stumps but played on in the next over, and Ben (42) followed soon after as he gloved behind.

15 Belton - Ben

Ben (42)


Adam (12) and Biggs (10) got starts but Belton's young seam attack continued to take regular wickets.

Sporty (30) and Tim (20) batted really well to keep Baston in contention but both fell as they chased the increasing run-rate, leaving young Hawk stranded on a career best 7* and Baston 20 runs shy of their target.

During the game, an email was received informing of Joe Milton's transfer to Rushton in the Northants Prem, meaning this was his last game for Baston.


Scorecard: http://baston.play-cricket.com/website/results/2374225