Baston March On

By VSM - June 3 2015
Baston March On Baston welcomed league newbies Graves Park to the Shrine on Saturday. Here is a big report from a little man:

The selection committee of Captain Hilless and VC Ben Hudson must have resembled Hitler's Wolf Lair earlier
in the week, with Sporty being the main
conspirator to blow them up. A fine XI assembled against Graves Park
who are from Lincolnshire not Kent. It was a line up not seen for 3 years withMorris and Dyer on the Team Sheet,and with the ice cracked in the compact changing room they could emerge as reunited Team Mates. 

15 Graves - Friends Reunited

A welcome site of Vic and boss Dave Morris as the two umpires, we knew wooden pads were the order of the day. Joe arrived with a stinking cold, and didn't change into playing kit, but at least he was in his home clothes longer than at the end of last week.

With the toss won and electing to bat on a track getting closer to a Jamaican road, Morris was keen to shake off the image of earlier years at The Shrine of playing like Chris Tavare, and started coming down thewicket at the opening bowler , with some well timed blows , but an equalamount of fly swatting in between. Richardson reverted to weekend mode , (SATURDAY ) and resisted the temptation to reverse sweep his first ball. 

15 Graves - VSM Rev Sweep

Well batted VSM


A well constructed opening partnership of 79 runs off 23 overs for Baston with Morris collecting 8 boundaries and first out, set the base of the innings. Lamin contributed 12 before being bowled, and Hudson partnered Richardson before the opener was undone by a Yorker from a fellow youth cricketer with his first ball for a jug shy 49, and whose innings included a massive leg side 6 into a conservatory of one of the houses, losing the ball and holding up play.

15 Graves - Ant

Ant in good form


Ben and Malton then had a little flurry before Joe called a two when a single had been lucky and left Ben well short to be run out. Ashwell next in soon succumbed to the left arm spinner, then the 20/20 show from recently reunited couple Malton and Flak Jacket Captain Hilless began. Maybe it was the arrival of the officials from the Lincs Cricket Board or the week away in the sun with his lover, but Hilless was in attacking mode. Malton shook off his earlier manflu and together they put on a 50 partnership in 6 overs guiding us to 183. 

Two new ladies for the future arrived at tea, with young Ms Hudson already inked in for 2025 teas rota . 

The new ball was taken by Hilless and by Ashwell. Young Ashwell chose not to use Lloyd's excellent pitch and with one of the lucky balls that wasn't a no ball had the opener caught, not long after the erratic style continued and another full toss accounted for no 2. 

Adam kept on at the village end and the in form player from Graves, Morris, was bowled. Despite the drip and other medical supplies keeping Joe alivein the outfield, he was able to take the next wicket next ball with a catch which The Villa keeper would have been pleased to have on this FA cup day. Then the Hat trick was on for Adam. If there was ever a moment for calling "SATURDAY" as the ball was driven hard to Hawk,........who spilled it and grovelled an apology to Adam. (see video evidence of crestfallen Adam) 

15 Graves - Caricaturist

Adam (left) unlucky not to pick up a hat-trick

For a few overs we saw the makers name of Gunn & Moore as no 6 blasted balls in the V. However one too many went aerial, and was thundered back to Lamin who took one of the best caught and bowled by an OAP, showing the youngsters that hands that grow trees and catch moths are better at catching cricket balls than hands that masturbate and play computer games. 

Once the next bat came in with a hat saying "Play Boy" the game was up for Graves End. Tim got the chance to call his customary " Yep " before the ball hit the stumps after the batsman had missed it, and their inning was wrapped up for 101 inside 30 overs.

The day wasn't about any Dave's today. Big D didn't get a bat, a catch or a mention, and well, the other D, looked like he needed to be put down, having over exerted himself in the nets.

We'll need you boys again, so Dave up! They did look like Cheshire cats in the slips though. 

The conclusion of the day brought about the first draw of the Baston CC raffle organised by Biggsy who deserted us to watch Kev Ball, with the first winner out the hat ( or rather the potato bag) being our own Ben Hudson.
Not being a POSH fan and also not wanting to clutter up his newly assembled nursery he threw the ticket back in. Just be careful Ben you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater too. 

15 Graves - Ben Posh Photo

Ben with the highly sought after Posh photo

A real fix of the prizes for Baston players and their mates, that FIFA would have been proud of, the next draw takes place in a month. 

Many Thanks to our match sponsor, Glenn Campbell (world champ water skier) of Town & County Engineering.

Man of the Match : Lamin ( for his catch ) 
Bell End of the Day : Adam ( for his drop) 


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