Ease by Eckington

By Tim Dyer - August 27 2013
Ease by Eckington Baston welcomed northern pals 'Eckington to the Shrine, read Captain Dyer's report here ...

Worry and stress seemed to ring throughout the Baston eleven as realisation was sinking in that Adam was unavailable. Oh well! C’est la vie!

No need to worry, as soon as the jet lagged ‘Eckington players began to alight, stress seemed to diminish. They had even brought their own vicar!

Having won his 23rd toss on the trot (what sort of moron calls tails), Wise skipper and all round top egg and head squirrel, put the opposition in to bat on Baston’s flat track, despite rumours of a pitch inspector from Luton Council making an appearance.

A worried and earring-less Damon scurried off to look for two batsmen, but not before showing off his newly waxed chest, ready for action in Ibiza.


eck13 Damo

Good to see butch Eckington skipper Damo playing again


‘Eckington’s two batsmen arrived at the crease. At one end stood a previous destroyer of Baston’s attack, all round nice and fair bloke and respecter of village cricket and all the etiquette that surrounds it. Baston give players like this all the respect and luck they deserve. He plays the way cricket should be played. Morley stood at the other end.

Felix’s first over went for just a single, probably 19 less than it deserved, but it was at the end of his second over where the cheating started.

Morley creamed a ball to the keeper. Not out! How can you just stand there? #schoolgates

                  eck13 Hot Spot eck13 Clegg

Bigger nick than Nick Clegg seen on the edge of the bat


Apologising to the captain (twice) stating you were in bad form and had a lot of bad luck during the season does not level things up. Just get off!

A snorter from Grumps clean bowled good egg Charlesworth. Phew!

Morley needed to bat well, whilst the wickets began to tumble. Felix, bowling like a god managed to pick up another 4 wickets. Each greeted with shouts of ‘who needs Adam’s 12 overs for 58 runs’.


Felix, the leader of the attack


Realising it was Saturday, and it was the end of an over, VSM set off for long off. Reaching mid off he realised the bowler was running in. He managed to turn round just in time to take one of the best catches taken at Baston. Seems like Morley was right, he was having bad luck!

More surprisingly, Ben dropped a sitter, however he claimed it was a bump ball. Yer right Ben, bumped right off the middle of the bat. Even Morley would have walked.

Luckily George and Jon took the rest of Ben’s catches as ‘Eckington struggled to 63 all out, with only Damien giving any resistance.

An impromptu al fresco tea followed.

Jon and Liam padded up, whilst George had a quick net practice with 6 year old Jess and practiced a few sheep noises; the Baston development path in full flow.

eck13 Morley and Damo

Morley (left) #disgrace


‘Eckington seemed to have lost interest in the game, and opened with the joke bowling of Morley. However in the pub later, all were agreed that Jon should have been given out LBW first ball to Morley. Oh well, what goes around comes around.


eck13 old man in treeline

Lamin knew this old guy in the tree-line, he was 2 years below him at school


There was only one scare on the way to a ten wicket victory when Liam was nearly caught by a diving vicar at first slip.

eck13 new signing

'Eckington's fresh signing Rodger on the right


Jon secured the victory with a massive six into ‘who shaved Lynn’s’ garden. Squirrel.

video of Jon's six here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnMVhfHrZuI

Everyone went to the pub, except the two disgraced players, Morley and Ben. Once again the pub provided a splendid spread, when the opposition left.

A great victory put Baston back in second place in the league. Not bad for a pub team on a joke wicket!


eck13 Liam

Liam (pictured) and Jon got the job done


The weekend could only be made better with a Man Utd win, a Posh win, an Arsenal loss, a Northants win in the 20/20 final and Friskney getting hammered with Michael Troops leaving the field with a bag on!

Oh well, dream on!

Please note any resemblance to Saturday’s match is pure coincidence.


Scorecard: http://baston.play-cricket.com/scoreboard/scorecard.asp?id=11629835