Howard Hundred : Deeping Double

By Adam Hilless - July 16 2013
Howard Hundred : Deeping Double On the back of two defeats, Baston travelled the short trip to Market Deeping. Read Adam's report here >>>

I must start this week’s report with an apology for the lack of reports in previous weeks. Some feeble excuses arrive from: Jono (couldn’t be arsed), Felix (can’t read or write), Sporty (chasing some middle-aged housewives), and Ben (UTT).

dee bilGet back down the Danish!


Some highlights from some previous (match report-less) games include Moulton Harrox Sunday XI getting wiped out for just 53 by Rico and Lamin, and the home tie against Slapding being abandoned due to Noah’s ark sailing across the square. The wheels then began to fall off the Baston wagon against our new bezzers Friskney, losing out in what was our 3rd successive home game. All-round nice bloke Michael Troops stole the show, winning the Baston village fete’s bat-tossing competition with a distance of “stumps to cow corner”. Finally, in yet another home game, Baston came off second best against Long Snitton, thanks to their much-feared bowling attack.

dee VSM Horse

Mark opens the pub in style!


Special mentions for the above games go to Stevie Grumps for his 6fer against Moulton, Adam for going 5 years without a 4fer then taking two in two games, and Sporty Scotty for only being stumped at the 8th opportunity against Friskney. Congratulations also go to Mark Woodall on signing for his 4th club of the season, and Ben Hudson for finally finding a cap that fits on his head.


dee Team at Deeping

Nice place to watch cricket! 


Back to the present, the Baston BigHats travelled to Deeping for a long-overdue away game on Saturday. The sun was blazing and the pitch harder than Phil Mitchell – the toss was going to be a big one. After advice from everyone to call tails, VUPS Dyer naturally called heads and lost the toss. For some inexplicable reason though, ripped Deeping Captain Pearson (better legs seen hanging out of a nest) stuck Baston in! Cheers Joe!

Some loose bowling up top allowing Baston Jono to race onto 31-0, with anchorman Liam contributing just 1 up to that point. First change bowler T.Chuck removed Liam (9) with a decent lifting delivery, bringing Jono and Guy together at the crease. Jono reached his 50 in super quick time, as the pair continued to pile on the runs, adding 108 before Guy was stumped for a jug-avoiding 49.

dee Jono & Guy

Guy and Jono put on a brilliant 108 run partnership

dee 142-1

 Guy's dismissal available on youtube:


Jono, however, showed no such selfishness, and raced into the nervous 90s. The pressure was too much for Tim, who was onto his 4th packet of fags. Luckily, Jono displayed nerves of steel, cantering home for a quick second run to complete a simply awesome maiden century. The less said about the celebration the better. Let’s just say Michael Troops would have loved it.

dee Jono shots

Jono played beautifully all around the park

dee Jono ton

dee Jono Celeb 2

dee Jono Celeb 1


Jon's celebrations available on youtube:

Jon (105) was dismissed by an excellent catch from Deeping’s youngster Green attempting an almighty smash down the ground off Nasty Nick Andrews. A further two wickets fell with only one more run added, Hamesy and Lloyd (golden) quacking, also to Nasty Nick.

Now, if you thought Jono’s maiden ton would be the highlight of the day, think again! Ben joined Lamin at the crease, and proceeded to show Jono how to smash the ball down the ground. Ben managed to nearly kill Deb Deb with a massive straight six, and almost broke the sightscreen in half with another. Nasty Nick was getting some particularly severe treatment from Biffer Ben, who sped to 39* by the time Lamin fell for an uncharacteristically average-paced 11.

With only one over to go, Ben just missed out on a maiden fifty, caught on the last ball at long off for 47 from just 38 deliveries. Things could have been so different had strike-hog Adam not forced a quick three. Sorry, Ben. (Lamin, you owe me a tenner!)

dee Guy Jon Ben

Run city: Guy (49), Jono (105) and Benny (47)


VSM’s offer of loads of free beer down the newly-opened White Horse had done the job, Baston racking up 234-7 at tea.

(Former) Kolpak player Dougie returned from thirteen separate injuries to share the new ball with wicket-taking superstar Adam. The pair both bowled tidily with little assistance from the conditions or pitch, but couldn’t break a sedentary opening partnership between Nick (old) and Nick (young).

Feeling sorry for the sluggish pair, Tim brought on Felix to boost the run-rate a bit. Even the Swing King himself couldn’t get the ball to do anything in the air, so it was left to Lamin and Tim to take over the job. Tim eventually removed Young Nick for a very tidy 41 runs. Wickets began to fall at both ends, and Baston were cruising to victory before disaster struck…RAIN!!

The torrential downpour threatened to give Deeping 8 undeserved points, and deny Baston a big win. Luckily, thanks to a combination of a re-emerging sun, a giant sponge Super Sopper, and a very fair Deeping skipper, Tim (2-32) and Lamin (4-23) managed to race through the last 10 overs. Nasty Nick did complete his half century after the rain break, falling to Lamin having finally played an aggressive shot in the 41st over. Deeping finished miles short on 143-6, giving Baston a big 18 point win. With the rain coming back again, Tim and Lamin were quickly through their overs, with even Lloydie and Doug sprinting between overs to make sure the boys didn't lose out on a couple of points.

The boys went back to Baston to finally get a bag of crisps down the White Horse. The big-drinking nights of yesteryear were rekindled… for some at least. For others, the night was filled with stupid dancing, crap jokes, and chucking up in the car park! #twopintsfelix #bendrankmorethanyou. Special mention to George Hartley who showed good drinking capacity and good shapes as some of the boys moved the party into Bourne.


dee Hames Bar


Get them in Hamesy!


The night also didn’t go too smoothly for Hamesy, who lost one of his 5 women thanks to Tim chanting “FIVE BIRDS, NO RUNS!” every three minutes, and VSM who fell off his miniature Shetland pony.

Baston travel to Billingborough next week, looking to cement their second place in the league. Rumour has it Lloydie has dropped out, so he can work on the wicket, which is officially on a par with a council pitch in Luton.



dee Team at White Horse

11 Deeping destroying heroes (Left to right):

Back: Hamesy, Guy, Jon, Lamin, Fee, Adam, Dougie, Lloyd.

Front: Tim, Ben, Liam