The Spliffing Good Times Are Back

By Tim Dyer - May 14 2013
The Spliffing Good Times Are Back The ten men of Baston travelled to Stamford with the hopes of keeping their winning run going. Read the skipper's views here >>

Beautiful sunshine greeted Baston as they arrived at Billy Hall’s back yard.

Darren Dring arrived without his mobile disco, but with a large barometer, promising no rain until 5pm onwards.

sta13 weather

Looming clouds

Both captain and vice captain got their heads together to discuss what to do taking this into account should we win the toss. Finally we came to the unanimous decision; ‘Let’s just hope we lose the toss’.

Having called heads and almost being blinded by the glistening sun off the revolving coin (2p) the damn thing came down heads. With only ten players and most of them over 40, Baston would bat.

sta13 - Lamin choppage


What non-momentous consequences this decision would have.

The start was delayed due to non rain.

Jon and Morris set off for the middle.

Soon after Morris was returning to the changing room, having been caught by Nottage, giving him his first ever catch after 57 years of playing.

sta13 coming off

Coming off for rain again!

Jon was joined by the mighty Laminator(single) and during numerous rain breaks, with the wicket being protected by the new covers, which were as effective as the covers used two years ago, they managed to drag the innings round to the captain’s ideal score of 60-1 off twenty overs.

sta13 tim scorebox

perfect start

Morris decided to retire to the dressing room and contemplate what was going wrong.

At 60-1 all scores seemed possible, maybe 150 or even 200. No chance! We are Baston.

Birchy and Holland began the squeeze.  Birchy as usual on line and length every ball and Holland not bowling a single ball that would hit the stumps, except any that hit a batsman’s pads or even the one that took Ben’s stumps out of the ground.

sta13 Jon batting

Super Jono on his way to 50


Jon was eventually out after scoring his second fifty of the season, and was followed shortly after by Lamin. The collapse looked on and with Darren, Lloydie, Adam, Ben, Doug and myself all going cheap, this just left Felix, who had to be dragged off the field, thinking he could play’ last man stand’.

108 all out!  Tea time.

We were greeted at tea, by what smelt like a pair of Brian Bennett’s old socks. Garlic bread apparently!

During tea, it was noted that McBeef wasn’t there. Who was going to do drinks?

Also, why did I keep finding myself humming ‘The milky bar kid is strong and tough’

Grumps also made a welcome appearance albeit dressed as the Tango man.

sta13 grumps

Never giving up, and after a great spell from both Adam and Doug we were back in it. Billy’s Stamford were 8-3.

I would like to take this opportunity of welcoming back Doug, a pure team man, and captain’s dream.

Top South Lincs bowler John Lamin (single) then made the game swing further our way and reduced Billy’s Stamford to 50-5. Things looked promising!

Unfortunately Nottage proved a double handful, as he had whilst filling his plate at tea, and a brilliant captain’s innings from Birchy (a proper captain).

sta13 birch

Chris Birch 39*

109-6! Oh well let’s make for the bar!

There were many good, and some brilliant things to come out of the weekend.

  • We are still second in the league
  • John Lamin (single) is still top of the bowling
  • A commitment from Lloydie and Adam to erect a flagpole with a cheeky pig
  • The promise of caps next week (We may have one spare)
  • Man City not winning the Cup
  • Tim’s tyres not being slashed
  • Billy not showing up after the game
  • The introduction by Billy’s Stamford of a comedy Geordie barman (really funny, do it again)

We managed to take a video of Bryan Bennett dancing:

Thank you for a great tea, good competition, good behaviour and congratulations to Phil Holland on his 5-wicket haul.

sta13 holland dyer