Baston left with egg on their face

By Scott Downie - July 17 2012
Baston left with egg on their face Baston fancied their chances of beating a poor Spalding side on Saturday, but ended up on the wrong end of a rain affected game. Read the Sport report below..

It appears of recent times, Baston have been hoping for abandoned games for a guaranteed eight points each week. However, with no cricket played in nearly a month, everyone was keen to play except a certain grumpy groundsman. So, at precisely 9 o’clock on Saturday morning, Tim was down at the shrine to trying his best to persuade Lloydie to keep the game on. Tim tried to drum up support from his fellow teammates to get the game ahead, but had refusals from Liam (Already Bored) and Felix (Wasn’t sure what day it was), Adam was travelling back from a plastic surgery specialist appointment, but the best excuse came from Ben, who was putting up new curtains?!?!


Spal - Curtains

Amazingly, Lloydie allowed the game to go ahead which meant Tim could respond to his 30 missed calls and 56 text messages from the rest of team (1/2 of the messages where from Ant ‘I’m scared of rain’ Morris) to let them know the game was still on. In response, Ant dropped out to allow a goofy prick named Guy to step in for his 1st league appearance of the season.

It seemed a crucial toss to win and with Spalding skipper Tom Dale out with injury, he advised his replacement skipper for the day to call tails, and to skipper Dyer’s delight, he got the call wrong and Baston's under pressure skipper stuck Spalding into Bat, quoting that Baston were now guaranteed 20 points.


Spal - Dale Spal - Ajmal

Dale & Ajmal, but which is which and Grumps, returning for his first game of season following hip surgery, opened the bowling and it wasn’t long before Grumps was back into normal rhythm and nearly got his reward, but Guy did his best Ant impression and dropped a snipper off Egg. A few balls later he picked up his deserved wicket with Adam doing his best to bottle the catch as everyone knows (reference his 2nd one) he can.


Spal - Sport

What would your mum say Sporty! 


Despite the breakthrough, Spalding scarily pushed on quickly dispatching Liam and Tim heavily at the Village Hall end. Tim ended with Thomas Brand like figures of 3-0-31-0. This brought Adam into the attack a lot sooner than expected and he bowled quicker than expected as well. But still the breakthrough didn’t arrived until a very hung-over sporty Scotty somehow managed to see the right ball (of the three he saw coming towards him) to take the catch and break the partnership off Rico's bowling.


Opener Rex made his slappy fifty but by then Adam was starting to eat into the Spalding batting order, sniffing up the wicket of nightwatchman Dave Naghen with a third time lucky appeal for lbw, leaving Spalding 111-3 after 34 as everyone went off for an early tea. As per usual, they were very nice except the skipper moaned at the lack of scones before realising that was the only message he hadn't replied to that morning.

(Hi Sporty's mum!)


Straight after tea Adam got his second and third, but missed out on his first ever 4-fer to reduce Spalding even further. Lamin and Liam joined the party of wickets, though Bowser did his best to ensure further wickets weren’t taken which left Baston needing 152 to win the game.


Spal - Slap Adam

Well bowled Bobby Charlton


Due to Liam being "too tired" to open, Tim sent Guy and Bowser out to make a good start on the reasonably high target. Goof played some excellent front foot drives, and with partnership going smoothly, Bowser completed his excellent all round (no reference to his figure….) day by chopping onto off peg. Liam was already bored however cheerleader/coach/12th man/ Saeed Ajmal lookie-likey Tom Dale was pleased. Tom got happier as Guy (19), Felix and Dave Kitson all departed within quick succession to leave Baston struggling on 40-4.


The Liam and Lamin partnership then had the task of rebuilding the innings, whilst Ben and Sporty had the task of trying to put up with many of Billy Hall’s 100000000000000000000000000000000001 anecdotes and jokes. There was also a guest appearance from Stamford’s own Neil Williams, which was timed nicely with Liam's (19) departure, bringing best mate and Stamford School fag Dyer into bat. A trademark first ball defensive shot and even a few wooshs followed, unfortunately his final woosh cut shot went straight to mid-off. With Saturday captain out, midweek captain Ben stepped up to produce a similar shot to leave Baston 7 down with only 80 on the score. And with Lamin (35) and Sporty falling soon after, Baston needed a miracle and they got it……………………………..……………………………….. in the form of a massive downpour of rain.


Spal - Abuse

I doubt she's sorry


Miserable Spalding faces were made even worse by the 20 minute shower. The Baston players were getting changed and started to make their way to the pub, working out how many points they would have from the abandoned game (13) 

Amazingly, before anyone could leave the field, the umpires said that the Shrine was fit for play (despite it barely being fit for play at the start of the day) After an exchange, it was apparent that they just wanted the game finished.

The Baston players remained under the tree as Rico was bowled, with Adam left not out on 21. Spalding captain Page nearly raised a smile, but couldn't. Egg finished with 5-29 from his 11 overs.


Spal - Adam GigglingAdam hiding his wet patch, after sitting near Deb


This represented another loss for Baston and further cemented their place at the bottom of the South Lincs Div 2 Table. The loss didn't dampen the spirits as a few of the team went back to the Spinner. Felix paid his owed money before telling Adam that he owed nothing else. Adam couldn't believe this and let out the campest laugh anyone had ever heard, brilliantly mimicked.


Adam Laugh -


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