Claypole Cancel

By Tim Dyer - August 16 2011
Claypole Cancel Tim's ramblings from this weekend's abandoned game at Claypole

Not such a Blank(ney) weekend.

The call came at 9.30.  Claypole couldn’t raise a team. Another weekend without cricket. This meant the only competitive cricket in the past month has been against the mighty Grantham.  Of course there was also the game against Big Jacks Moulton.


The call advising the non-appearance of self proclaimed champs N.Luff at good friends Blankney came through at 12 noon.


Not a bad weekend! Having been 37 points adrift of swinger David Brew’s champs , we now find ourselves only 7 points behind with two games in hand, and Blankney close behind, and Moulton 1st’s sitting pretty in both divisions 1 and 3.


With no cricket, the team decided to travel to Bourne and watch ECB favourite Staino field at third man and long on for 50 overs.


Whilst there I was able to collect the following quotes:


Staino;  the good thing about fielding at third man and long on as that you are never far away from the teas.

David Brew; The thought of bowling to Simon Behan scared me.

Billy Hall; Have I ever told you about the holiday I took in Europe when I went through 17 tunnels in one day.

Ben Stroud; Did you see me bat?

Melinda; Force feeding Chas three plates of sandwiches wasn’t a pretty sight.

Amy; Chas isn’t a pretty sight.

Chas; Eating three plates of sandwiches isn’t easy.

Staino; Yes it is.

Felix; Jack is thicker than me!

Ant; Oh ya,I was hoping to score the majority of my thousand run target against Claypole.

Tracy; They don’t even have sumo wrestling at the olympics.

Lamin; There’s so many people here that look like me.

Horny Ann; Doggy.

Jon Howard: I know I’m vice captain,but I just don’t care.

Simon Behan: Drink!

Lloydy: Better get home, I’ve locked Leila in the garage.

Arran Brindle when asked for an autograph to be dedicated to Billy Hall; I think I know him,is’nt he that bald, boring twat that keeps ranting on about tunnels in Europe.

Jack: I’m thicker than Felix

Adam; Everyone owes me money.

Liam; I’m the only bowler here!


Just a word of warning, it’s that time of year when LTM trims her bush.