Self Proclaimed Chumps Put Off By A Drop Of Rain

By Tim Dyer - July 17 2011
Self Proclaimed Chumps Put Off By A Drop Of Rain
David Brew Self proclaimed champions, North Luffenham were quick to call off this weeks table topping match against the mighty Baston after a few drops of rain were seen in the area. Read Tim's maiden report here...

Having lost to minnows Grantham the previous week( without the aid of pocket sized superstar and stat fiddler Danny Ashley) perhaps they weren’t so confident of crushing Baston as promised by Captain David Brew earlier in the season.


Luff - Raindance1

The North Luff boys get in on the act on Friday night.


Quote from David Brew: "I’d been praying for rain all week"



Luff - Cloud

The cloud that led to the phonecall 


Quote from Tim Dyer: "You look forward to games like this all season, but I knew they weren’t really up for it when I got a call from David at 5.30 am to say it looked like rain"



Luff - Singing in the rain

David Brew's one man show, appearing at the Key Theatre soon 


Quote from Horny Ann: "The bigger the better"

David Brew's favourite website:-