The Bearded Wonder does it again! (No! Not Phil Sharp!!!)

By Felix Cunningham - June 2 2011
The Bearded Wonder does it again! (No! Not Phil Sharp!!!)
Tim finally buys a round! Baston travelled to Burgh Le Marsh for a game of cricket and hopefully a sniff of woods. With Adam still nursing several damaged fingers, it was left to superstar Fee to write a report. Read it here...

Baston CC embarked on their wonderful trip to Skegness to play Burgh and District CC. The original plan was to play the cricket match and go out in Skegness afterwards but due to lack of numbers e.g. Jon Howard unable to attend this meant that Ben Hudson couldn’t attend (SHOCK).


There were some team changes for this trip. There was the return of Adam ‘B slap’ Hilless who came back from his embarrassing injury in which he got his fingers trapped somewhere he shouldn’t of put them. Ant ‘Tod Flanders’ Morris Junior came in for Lloyd and Matthew ‘AGF’ Grace who came in for that dirty horrible sweaty thing Chris Bower.

Damien Lewis

Matthew ‘AGF’ Grace

John ‘Harrison Ford’ Lamin and the Morris Snr and Jnr decided to meet us there. This led to Jon, Ben and Tim arguing who should drive to Burgh. In the end Jon decided to drive to Burgh in which he wasn’t happy about and it got even worse for him in which found that he had to take Felix ‘Gavin Henson’ Cunningham to Burgh and back.

Gavin Henson

Felix at Strictly Come Dancing

On the way to Burgh there was the return of the megaphone in which Felix took advantage of while driving through Boston Shouting random Shit as ever.

Once we arrived at the ground we were wondering where the opposition were and then suddenly out of nowhere a big gypsy caravan arrived with majority of the Underwood opposition onboard.





 Chris Ripley has a round face.. like that ^

Tim won the toss and decided to bat first. He sent in Ant ‘Duke of Lincolnshire’ Morris Snr and Jono to open the batting. The partnership was soon broken by Chris ‘Round Face’ Ripley who bowled Jono and he soon got another wicket by bowling Morris for 25. In came Felix and lamin who bored the pants out of everyone with their tedious batting and once Lamin was out for 23, Rico came into bat and carried on the trend of boring the pants off everyone. Felix was finally out caught at gully and in came in form batsmen Ben ‘Biffer’ Hudson who hit a quick fire 16, this included 3 good looking 4’s.

Bored Crowd

The crowd were bored senseless during Baston’s innings

Baston recorded a score of 135 much to Tim’s disappointment, there however is a special mention to Ant Morris Jnr who scored his first run for the club and will also contribute with his fielding later on in the game. 

Todd Flanders

Ant Morris Jnr


We had teas in which Tim was having a big bag on saying all kinds of GUFF. A special mention to the Burgh tea’s in which they did good ham sandwiches and chocolate brownies.


Lamin and hat

We're Lamin!

Baston went out to field with Dougie and Rico opening the bowling. The pair of them bowled really well putting the Burgh batsmen under pressure. Rico was unlucky not to get any wickets from his 10 overs, but Doug got 2 wickets from his 12 overs. This bought in John Lamin and Tim Dyer. Burgh had lost 2 wickets after 20 overs but there opening batsmen Philip ‘Brian Blessed or Henry VIII’ Sharp was still at the crease batting well. John Lamin had other ideas and was a constant threat with the ball and ended up with 6 wickets.

Henry VIII

Philip Sharp batted well for his 47 not out.

Philip Sharp ( was still at the crease batting well but had no one at the other end of the crease to help support him. Tim Dyer bowled well in picking up 2 wickets in the process.


Tim picked up 2 wickets -


So Baston bowled out Burgh for 109 and headed off back to the pub hoping for the woods that were there last year. However she was not found due to the disappointment of the players. All in all it was an enjoyable day for the tarts who have a big match Saturday against Pinchbeck, who Jim ‘Talk’s Guff’ Clarke believes they will be champions by the end of the season.

Cheerful Fee

Felix cheered up in the pub! UBILF!