Jolly Boys Outing

By Ben Hudson - June 15 2010
Jolly Boys Outing
Highlight Baston made their longest trip to Burgh-Le-Marsh for this South Lincs clash. With excellent weather and a good batting line-up, Tim won an unlikely toss.

On a perfect June Saturday, Baston made the long trip to Burgh-Le-Marsh, a quaint village forever in the shadow of dirty neighbour Skegness, home of former player Snibbo. There was a nice set-up at the ground, with a scorebox, nets, settees for the batting team, and a multi-purpose hut full of character and woodworm. Tim did the most unlikely thing and won a toss, sending Ant & Guy to open and the Burgh players into the hot field.

Tim, Katie, Jon & Felix relax on the boundary

With the seaside just a few miles up the road, Guy got in on the theme as he hooked a duck in the fourth over, gloving to first slip. All the other Baston players were surprised he walked as Lloyd joined Ant on 2-1.

With the wicket misbehaving early on, Baston were struggling at 10-1 off 8 overs, before Lloydie got in on the action and started to take objection to the Burgh bowlers as he dispatched several fours including a dreamy cover drive, and a humungous six down the ground off the bowling of some old geezer, clearing the trees and probably landing in the sea. After putting on 34 together, the partnership was broken as Lloyd (21) got a poor decision caught behind, with the ball clipping the shoulder of his shirt. Ever the pro, Lloyd took the decision well and didn’t have a bag-on for the rest of the day... fortunately his personal motivator and life coach Nigel was there to cheer him up. There was a drinks break soon after where enthusiastic square leg umpire Felix replaced Adam on the field.

Baston were soon jammin’ with Anthony looking in good touch, and John ‘The deftster’ Lamin looking to attack the Burgh bowlers, in particular joke spinner R. Underwood. With Baston going nicely on 75-2 off 23 overs, Burgh skipper Pearce pulled off the Underwood brothers (you only get an orange at Man City) to try and stem the flow. Felix was still sulking at square leg.

'I hope you like Lamin too'

At the time of the second drinks break, Baston were looking set on 96-2 with Anthony nearing his 50 and reggae fan Lamin excited about having a dip in the sea later. In the 34th over, Anthony reached his 50 with a couple of quick twos. Shortly after notching his 50, Anthony did something never before seen in Baston history, as he called for a banana. After some confused looks, Adam ran out with the banana and a message from Tim to increase the run-rate.


This is Anthony, the batsman who leads an exciting double life. For when Anthony eats a banana, an amazing transformation occurs. Anthony is Bananaman. Ever alert for the call to action!

Lamin and Anthony obliged to Tim’s request as they went after the ball. Lamin fell in the 39th over as he knocked the ball back to ginger skipper Pearce for a simple C & B. It was a good knock from the Laminator scoring 41 and putting on a monster 105 run partnership with Anthony.

Anthony was playing a more aggressive game but he fell 3 overs later bowled by T. Chunk. It was an excellent innings from Anthony who scored an impressive 74 in the match, including 8 fours. He was exhausted and went inside for a rub down from club physio Kip. Baston were on 151-4 but Felix’s glances to the boundary for relief were still ignored.

Great knock from Ant (74)

It was unfortunate for both partners to depart because the middle order failed to pinch hit towards Tim’s desired 180, finishing 13 runs short on 167-6. There was a nice moment when Paul Stewart ran out his first victim (of many) of the year stranding the skipper who couldn’t make his ground.

No regrets for running out the skipper

Teas were enjoyed outside in the sunshine, but Tim was unlucky as he was bitten three times by a large mutant Skegness mosquito.

There was the welcome return behind the stumps for Jon, which meant an opening berth in the bowling for Guy. Guy stayed tidy for the first few overs, getting good movement out of the new ball, but Adam was struggling as ginger supremo Pearce went all out attack peppering the trees and local gardens, and hitting Jimmy Saville’s caravan. Burgh raced to 70 from 12 overs. Things could have been different as Ant dropped a simple catch at square leg in the fourth over and the bowlers didn’t get the benefit of the new ball which was lost in a local flowerbed.

 skipper G. Nut gets Burgh’s innings off to a flyer

Tim changed things by bringing himself on with the Lamin. Tim picked up the important wicket of skipper Pearce (40) who holed out to Guy at Long Off. Lamin was bowling tidily (unlike his unruly beard) from the other end but Ben must have been thinking about riding his first donkey as he dropped a snipper at cover.

Opening partner Cotton (36) was out soon after with Felix taking a brilliant catch diving forward at point. The run-rate was slowed right down with Burgh scoring 18 off 13 overs. Tim was seemingly back to his best with the Burgh batsmen finding him unplayable and content to see him off.

Lanky number 3 Blackmore (10) enjoyed his 18 over nurdling, but was caught brilliantly by Lloyd diving forward at slip, from Guy’s bowling, seeing the end of the slow accumulator. Old fella Bronks was in next but was caught by another great catch, this time by Guy diving forward from leg gully. Burgh were 123-4 from 31 overs with Baston sensing victory.

Unfortunately slogger Wilkinson had other ideas as he blasted a quick 27, but was frustrating as he was dropped twice by Anthony on the boundary, and would have been caught later but Paul was moseying around 25 yards in from the boundary. After the game Steve ‘Teflon’ Banks commented on Ant’s drops “I don’t even think I’ve dropped three in a game before!”

Wilkinson was finally caught by Felix in the covers, but the damage was done with Burgh needing just 3 an over to win the game. With Tim bowled out (4-34) it was down to Lloyd, Adam and Ant to get the job done, but the Burgh batsmen stepped up to the task comfortably winning the game with two and a half overs to spare. Ant picked up a late wicket with Guy taking his third catch of the game, but it was burley all-rounder Sylvester who marshalled the late innings, scoring 20* with young grumpster Underwood smashing the winning runs.

One of the treats at the pub

Tim led his dejected side back to the Burgh Local, Ye Olde Red Lion. Frowns and tears (Adam) soon turned to other emotions and hormones as the boys got a real treat with the barmaid bringing joy to all (Spinner – take note) Things got better as they went into the garden to find the landlord ready with a barbecue for the lads. The beer and burgers were great, although Kip insisted on a couple of hot dogs.

In a rare series of events, the boys stayed at the pub for a couple of hours and several pints, singing songs at local hardnuts for trying to “sneak out” and far outstaying the Burgh team, poor form. There were a few decisions made with a unanimous decision to purchase club instruments (steel drum and trumpet) and an unpopular decision for candyfloss fan Lamin as the boys decided against going to Skegness.

After a long elaborate goodbye to number one barmaid, the boys made it back to the Spinner in record time where they’d kindly put on hot dogs for the returning failures. They sat outside singing songs with Paul Stewart in particular good form (he must have told the family he was staying over in Skeg as he remained in the Spinner until 12 o’clock) cracking gags about all sorts, including at Tim’s bowling figures “He got four maidens, and the fifth in the pub”

There was a thunder storm and heavy rain late on, forcing the boys to stay inside and keep drinking, but when comparing the bar staff at the two pubs, Felix came out with the ultimate quote; “Domesday Woods”

Poor Melinda