Baston on verge of first win collapse again

By Jon Howard - August 16 2007
Baston on verge of first win collapse again
Sacred Stumps For a change this summer the sun shone, the outfield in comparison to recent weeks looked trim and with the wicket providing reasonably consistent bounce, it really was a good day to play cricket.

With the sun came the spectators, as village supporters gathered by the truckload to top up their tans and cheer on their Baston heroes.


Also one special Baston fan, Nick Dyer, a life long Baston supporter and nephew of the legendary Baston skipper Tim, normally behind the scenes now had his chance to witness first hand the legends he had heard all about for the first time.


The shrine was set for a cracking game of cricket and just needed the sacred stumps to be put into place, Nick on his first visit to the shrine was given this great privilege and did so with great pride and honour.


Baston won the toss and put in Oakham into bat…normally here I would explain the reasons why…but…as vice-captain, of course, I was not privy to such discussions.


Anyway it turned out to be a good decision as Baston bowled good attacking lines and had the Oakham batsman on the back foot throughout the innings. Davies opened the bowling with pace and swing and almost looked like taking a wicket with each ball. Felix Cunningham, Guy’s younger, better looking, nicer brother opened the attack with Liam and bowled a very impressive tight spell constantly asking questions of the Oakham batsman and at just 15 years old is surely a great prospect for Baston’s future. Guy and skipper Dyer also bowled well and picked up a couple a piece to keep the battle for player of the year alive and kicking.


Mix this good bowling with some outstanding fielding from Davies and Cunningham and cat-like keeping from stand in keeper Howard and Oakham were restricted to 125 all out.


This was surely, in front of their greatest fan, their greatest chance of victory this season. Goof and Howard opened the batting and took advantage of some frankly wayward bowled as they raced to 45 for no wicket off the first ten and looked to be coasting to victory…


However a good position for Baston Cricket Club always seems to bring with it…complacency, lack of concentration and the sudden feeling they have all instantly become Ricky Ponting. Goof attempting to…I can only imagine hit the church tower some 500 yards away only succeeded in skying the ball upwards the same distance and so was dismissed with a surprisingly confident catch.


From there on in it was a procession, awaiting incoming batsman hardly having chance to catch a breath or at times even pad up fully before they were required in the middle. Baston lost all ten wickets from that position of strength for an embarrassing 26 runs.


So Baston continue their search for a win this weekend at home to table toppers Caythorpe, they will be without skipper Dyer and nephew Nick as they are off gallivanting round Europe for two weeks (alright for some), vice captain Howard will attempt to turn it around during their absence and end this dreadful run.