Baston Score 87 More Than Ropsley

By Andrew Townsin - May 31 2007
Baston Score 87 More Than Ropsley
Rain halts Baston OK admittedly this was probably because they didn’t get to bat, but surely this represents progress? Ropsley won the toss and, with one eye on the weather and the other two (well have you ever been to Ropsley?) on our recent scores, wisely elected to field.
The game began competitively with their bowlers finding some swing in the air and assistance off the pitch.

They were initially, however, being ably resisted by the Baston openers Ginge and Tubbs – who in their contrasting styles were looking good. Neil, obviously, being the more overtly aggressive playing one magnificent carve for the games first boundary. Tubbs just plodded on, lining the ball up perfectly with the centre of his pads and waving his bat in close proximity.

This all came to a premature end – Much like Jon’s sex life – When Neil received the ball of the season from their opening bowler, a quick in-swinging yorker that was near unplayable.

Tony came in and looked, as he always does when promoted in the order, a proper player without really troubling the scorer - until getting a ball that popped off a length and he did well to get a glove on it.

Guy came in with his effeminate cap, ridiculous open stance presenting his buttocks to point and began to play with the gay abandon we have come to expect from this well groomed ex public school boy.

Town’s was out in the 21st over committing the cardinal sin of actually hitting the ball with, of all things, his bat. Resulting in a thick inside edge onto his pad, into the ground and then spinning back onto his wicket – needless to say I was not amused! My humour not being helped by meeting the other opening bowler in the changing rooms (he’d nipped off for some ralgex I believe) who greeted me with an incredulous look and the immortal words “what the fu*k are you doing back here?”
Tubbs has now scored 25 runs in 42 overs, or 0.6 runs every over – no wonder the opposition never bother to even appeal for LBW’s, they want to keep him in!

Meanwhile back out on the pitch Guy was still “caressing the ball” (just like his navy days) to all areas off the edges and, occasionally, the middle of his bat. Johnny H was again concentrating and attempting to build an innings of substance in difficult conditions, however he was again cruelly sawn off by an LBW decision. It was a close one that THEIR UMPIRE/GROUNDSMAN answered in the affirmative, not quite answering “that’s out son” but it was close. He has now been out in this manner as often this season as a certain rotund opening batsman renowned for playing with his pad has been in his 26-year career – Come on Jon, just hit it.

Meanwhile Guy was making a good fist of it, carrying on his merry way before being out stumped half way down the wicket playing a defensive shot. In all seriousness his 28 runs are all that stood between us and more embarrassment – well played.

The rest of the innings was only notable for 3 main things;

1. Grumpsters defiant battling innings, well played.
2. Tubbs calling the wicketkeeper for taking the ball infront of the stumps. The older and fatter I get the more argumentative and belligerent I become.
3. Tim beginning a minor Baston collapse and blaming Guy for breaking his concentration by playing Rugby with the batsmen still to come.

Then, thankfully, down came the rain.