By Jon Howard - October 5 2006
Saturday was a bad day for the bookmakers as starting favourite Liam Davies strolled home to claim the 2006 Baston single wicket crown, defeating veteran all rounder Jed Selby in the final.

The Shrine was bathed in sunshine for the single wicket competition this weekend and 11am brought a hefty turnout, as men, women and children set out to become champion and take home the large trophy.


In all there were twenty-four entrants, so preliminary rounds were required to leave a final sixteen. In the prelims a whole host of raw talent fall by the way side as Kip, Nick, PJ and Botham himself Andy Walker were comprehensively beaten. The draw for the last sixteen saw some intriguing pairings with joint favourite Guy Cunningham to meet younger nicer, more talented brother Felix and battle of the giants as 7 ft 10 Tony Sismey did battle with 8ft 12 Jed Selby. The Grumps was to take on Parker, Davies against ‘half pint’ junior Richardson, the Editor versus new-comer Paul, Bibb against the outsider pub landlady Caroline, Lloydie against the bouncy castle and Spencer was to take on Thorpe.


Guy edged out younger brother Felix in which Guy was fortunate to progress, Jed was victorious over Tony, however ‘the Unit’ did at least get the chance to again provide merriment for the crowd, as in his follow-through he tumbled to the floor leaving the ground shaking and people crying. The Grumps showed once again how his style of bowling is so difficult to get away and is ideally suited to this form of the game as he restricted Parker to modest total from his two overs and then chased down the runs easily. The favourite Liam Davies in truth had an easy draw in ten-year-old half-pint Scott Richardson and he duly disposed of him from the tournament, Scott did however again show how quickly he is progressing in the game it is only a matter of time before he will be turning out for Baston week-in week-out. Jon Howard took care of ex-cricketer Paul as he batted first and despatched the ball to all parts totting up a massive forty-three from his two overs striking four sixes, Paul did however strike some revenge striking a couple of huge sixes of his own unfortunately coming up short in the chase. Bibb defeated Caroline as Spencer did for Thorpe. Local Trollope Tracy made quite a stir as she entered the arena, she came steaming in from fifteen yards with boobs flying everywhere leaving poor old Lloydie perplexed, flummoxed and dumbfounded, he did not no where to look. He did however come out on top…bad choice of words?


That left a mouth-watering quarterfinal line up.


Bibb v Grumps

Howard v Selby

Spencer v Lloydie

Superstar1 v Superstar2


Grumps took the tense situation on the chin, literally, as he was smacked in the gob by Bibb’s quicker ball, however he managed to keep his composure and oust the increasingly frustrated Bibb. The Editor’s hopes of victory were dashed against Jed as he holed out twice in the deep leaving Jed simply needing to hold on to progress, which he did….just….jammy c*nt. Spencer took the prize scalp of one of the favourites big hitting Lloyd to book his place in the semi-final.


Battle of the superstars was inevitable and it came in the quarters. Guy batted first, he nudged and nurdled his way to a respectable nineteen, all he needed to do now was dismiss Liam once and he would be victorious. Liam began steadily continually mocking former Derby winner Guy as if he knew he had the edge over him before a ball was even bowled. The second over brought tension as Liam still needed twelve to win, still smirking at his rival, Davies danced and skipped down the track dispatching Cunningham over the wide long on boundary for a maximum, a few minutes later (after Davies had finished laughing) Guy through down another pie, Davies launched into it not quite getting all of it, Guy’s fate was left down to bucket hands Tony on the boundary. He duly not only shelled the chance but also made a save Peter Shilton would have been proud of parrying the ball over the boundary for another maximum. All Davies had to do now was block three balls and victory was his, of course to complete the public humiliation of Cunningham (as if the teeth were not enough) Davies decided he would block the last ball left handed, bad luck Guy.


Selby v Spencer

Superstar1 v Bye


Unfortunately Grumps had to leave, leaving Liam with a free passage to the final. It was between Jed and Spen who would meet him and Jed always had the edge and defeated him comfortably. Spencer had however done himself proud to surprise a few to reach the last four. The final was somewhat of an anti-climax as Jed batted first and was dismissed twice leaving his total cut in three and therefore only managing four in total. Davies carried on his merry way seemingly orchestrating the theatre, choosing which ball he wanted to play and which he didn’t. His arrogance nearly cost him as he was caught once and dropped a few balls later, this second dismissal would have brought a tight finish to the tournament of which it deserved.


The day was a huge success and thanks have to go to Mr Dyer for organising the event and umpiring throughout the day, and yes Tim if you had of played no doubt you would have won. Phil Davies for coming along and umpiring all day and running someone out? Is that allowed? The spinner for laying on a cracking dinner and a few free jugs and finally for everyone who came along and played or supported the event. Can’t wait for next year!