Season End Review

By Jon Howard - October 5 2006
Currently sitting in 9th place out of 16 with teams around having games still to play. In fact not a bad place to find themselves after a very poor start seeing them proping up the table only a few months previous. Here is a short review of the players that rescued them from the mire.
Opening batsman and longest Baston servant Andrew Townsin not for the first time topped the batting averages with several gutsy displays in a rather hectic season for the newly first time dad. He scored 203 runs in 6 outings at an average of 67.67, these runs were all the more important as more often than not they were crucial runs which guided Baston home victorious in some hefty run chases. As well as this, when called on to don the keepers gloves he again showed why he is widely regarded as the best glove man at the club taking 4 catches and taking 5 stumpings leaving him at the top of the tree for fielding dismals.

The team was captained for the first time this year by evergreen all rounder Tim Dyer, he will be the first to concede that the club has the potential to achieve a much higher league position than they have. However he did a fine job of rallying the troops and giving them the self-belief to win 3 of the last 5 games to haul them up to 9th place. His inaugural year as skipper brought with it one of his finest with the bat, steering Baston home on a number of occasions from almost impossible situations. At home to Thomas Cook chasing 170 to win after the all to familiar mid order collapse Baston were left reeling on 89-8, enter Dyer. It was a captain’s innings of epic proportion that was required and he did not disappoint, steering Baston home with ease ably supported by Tony Davies. Tim for the 10th season running also topped the wickets tally taking 20 in the season costing a little over 18 runs a piece. The highlight of this was his 7-39 at home to high-flying Moulton.

Now we come to the two ‘’superstars’’ of the team, Guy Cunningham and Liam Davies two very talented young all round cricketers. Both came into the team mid-way through the season and made big impression. Both opened the bowling, Guy with lively seam bowling picked up key wickets both with the new ball and bowling at the death leaving it until the last day of the season for his first five wicket haul for Baston. Liam bowled at a similar pace to Guy but looking more to take advantage of the swinging ball which he did repeatedly throughout the second half of the season finishing with 19 wickets costing just under 13 runs each.

The pair also contributed useful runs from the number four and five positions however in a very contrasting manner. Guy played very patiently and elegantly forever waiting for the bad ball this was epitomised in Baston’s run chase at Moulton, chasing 164 Baston were rattled early and struggling at 25-2 before Guy came to the crease without panic and took Baston within touching distance of victory with a carefully complied 51. Liam in stark contrast played with gay abandon as he hurled the willow around without fear, several times putting the houses in danger beyond the boundary line at The Shrine, Baston. At home to Spalding he struck three sixes in a row and five in all in a pulsating 42 off roughly 20 balls. At the shrine against fellow strugglers Long Sutton he did also show he had the patience to stick around and work for runs making 41 to chase down a target of a 100 being 9 for 3 when arriving at the crease.

Other contributions this season came from –

‘ The Unit ‘ – Tony Sismey – Played in all but one game, batted in all positions, 1 all the way through to 10, hurled himself around in the field like a gazelle taking more catches than anyone, 8 in total, a true asset to Baston cricket club.
‘ The Teachers ‘ – Pete Bibb & Jon Digby – The less said the better.
‘ The Umpire ‘ – Tony Davies – Contributed valuable runs at the death in 2 or 3 games to guide Baston to victory, kept exceptionally well when called upon taking 3 catches and taking 2 stumpings. Towards the latter part of the season decided he could chuck a few useful wobblers down as well. Unfortunately he will be remembered more this season for his umpiring exploits than those achievements. Closing in on victory at Moulton in a very tense hard fought game with a large amount of needle between the sides he decided he would maybe give them chance to get out of jail and offered the light to the fielding side! Never before seen on the village cricket arena, Tony hang your head in shame.
‘ The Grumps ‘ – Known more for his lust for jugs of lager these days than his lust for the game still churned out some handy performances with his Shahid Afridi paced off breaks.
‘ The run-out Kid ‘ – Andy Walker – What a first season, bowled two balls to finish off two games both despatched to the boundary, batted eight times scoring three runs (and they were fortunate), three of those innings were brought to a premature close through his inability to watch the ball, listen to calls and most importantly drag his sorry ass down the other end of the wicket. Andy…son… this aint your game.

Poor Attendance

‘ The Sniffer ‘ – Poor effort Bun.
‘ The Gingers ‘ – Neil can be excused his poor attendance as he turned up every other week to cut, roll and mark out the wicket. Steve, a woman is not a good excuse.
‘ The New Fats ‘ – Unfortunatley Graham could not be with us this year as he was far to busy drinking 15 pints of lager a day and ramming as many pizzas, burgers and donna naan’s down his gullet as was possible. Don’t anyone go anywhere near him with anything sharp……