Pink Ba Bas do the Middlesex 7s 2009

By KC - May 29 2009
Pink Ba Bas do the Middlesex 7s 2009
Booze, food, rugby! The Pink Ba Bas are hosting a party at the Middlesex 7s and you're all invited. Details are still yet to be confirmed, but we wanted to make sure the date was in your diary . . . 15th August 2009, Twickers!!!!
AND your ticket to all the games!!!!

We'll be providing all this at a ridiculous price, which is yet to be confirmed, but will be a bargain.

If you've never been to the Middlesex 7s before, it's a fabulous event with fancy dress, picnics in the car park and all the premiership sides entering 7s teams, along with the odd invitational side to remind the serious boys that it's all a bit of fun. Or as the Middlesex 7s website ( puts it 12 premiership teams, 4 guests sides = one big party!

How can you possibly refuse? Alll you have to do is KEEP THE DAY FREE and keep an eye on this event page and once we get organised we'll tell you how to get your tickets.

The fancy dress theme is PINK!! Do what you will with that!