By web - April 24 2012
FANTASY LEAGUE TABLE With not much cricket to write up about - Matty's updated the Fantasy League Table After Week 11. The Chairmans somehow slid into poll position 140 points ahead of Kev James and Dr.White. Over the past 4 weeks Josh Mead would have given you most points followed by Wombat & the Chairman.  







Pos+/-EntryTeam NamePoints
1+2Richard FroggettFrogmeister's Fall Guys3181
2+4Kev JamesHigh and Dry CC3042
3+2ChalkyThe Dr Doolittles3025
4+5Ewan BellBelly's Battlers2911
5-1James PagePagey's Pinch Hitters2908
6+4Russell MooreMoore's XI2888
7=Richard FroggettChairmans Select XI2883
8-8Steve ChivertonBound 4 County 22863
9+8Gareth MeadThe Mariners2856
10-2Matt HoweHowe's That2801
11+5Kelyse PageTeam Iggle Piggle2796
12-1Luke MillsPunchey's Knockouts2752
13=Gary HoweGary's XI2749
14-2Wendy & Freddie MolyneuxOwzat2731
15-1Ann HoweAny Team Will Do2614
16+4Val MeadVal's Victors2602
17+17Ali BryersDibden's Got Talent2567
18+3David HurrellHurrell's XI2549
19+6Luke BlackwellBlackwell's XI2519
20-2Andrew WoodsWoodstars2511
21+8Jonjo StovellNacho Cheese2493
22+6Sam DowningWho Are Ya!2457
23+4Mike BowmanGolden Shower Rides Again2426
24-2Rob SaundersIs a Badger a Bear or a Dog CC2419
25-1Ben SmithIn it for the Teas2400
26+4Sam MeadSam's Soldiers2383
27-6Trevor MooreTK Max2372
28=Sean TongsThe Guru XI2338
29+4Tom HuxleyScum Army2280
30-5Simon WrightWrighty's XI2269
31+2Simon DixonGet on the Jigger Train2243
32+4Sam PagePage's XI2222
33+6Caitlin NikolajewRisky Business2213
34+2Richard LastFonzy's 69ers2206
35-2Mike EdwardsReplaced by Kids2163
36-11Shaun AndersonMad Dogs2149
37-1Tom RichardsBroke Bat Mountain2132
38+3Becky HoweThe Pink Ladyboys2121
39+3Dawn CunninghamCocktail Queen2097
40-3Kelly GrantMoody Mares2081
41+3Trevor MooreTK Min1824
42-1Matt YoungYoung's XI1798
43-3Dave MarshallSCC Insider Squad1679
44-1Tom PorterTom's Incredible Team1507


Whose Got You Points In The Past 4 Weeks


Anderson .S222 Young .M.9 Long.S.71
Edwards .M.40 Bath .T.0 Mould.J.26
Effeny .W119 Blackwell .L.11 Taylor.D.-4
Froggett.R211 Chiverton.S62 Blandford.J.0
Huxley .T.-50 McCarthy .K172 Bryers.A.67
Last .R.109 Moore .R.55 Carley.S.-4
Richards .T179 Nicholas .T.1 Copley.S.0
Stovell .J158 Page .S.9 Fenton.B.141
Woods .A0 Prentice .I.111 Jones.R.0
Wright.S.0 Saunders.R181 Knight-Owen . J.81
Bell .E.39 Shaikh .O.32 Larkin.J.0
Bowman .M141 Smith .H.0 Lever.P16
Dixon .S.0 Stevens .P.49 Luke.C.-35
Downing.S.0 White.I.50 Mead.J267
Graham .M0 James .K.55 Nicholas.A.113
Guymer . D10 North .T0 Pike.O102
Howe.M-8 Chalmers.K.0 Swainston.H.11
Howe.G.0 Knight-Owen .T.2 Bassett.R.0
James .R..-55 Ladbury .T10 Gilbert.A.68
Mead .G.0 Bidwell J.0 Millar.Z.135
Mead .S65 Jessney.S.0 Molyneux.F.-35
Mills.L21 Kemp.C.0 Walsh.L169
Page.J.163 Harrison Smith23 Pates.D.163
Porter .T.-30 Cooper.E.0 Riley.N0
Quinnell .P.0 Carley.E.34 Wilden.J.9
Shrive . N33 Fay.L.19 Duell.M.13
Tongs .S.88 Kelly.S.72 McMillan .A.0





First Round

Points amassed from Thu 31st May - Wed 6th June

Trevor Moore TK Min242Lost296Ali Bryers
Simon Dixon314Beat291Andrew Woods
Tom Richards309Lost459Richard Last
Russell Moore254Beat152Freddie Molyneux
Sam Mead412Lost438Richie Froggett FFG
Kev James316Beat237Mike Edwards
Ben Smith148Lost153Matt Young
Ewan Bell296Beat209Tom Huxley
Kelsey Page289Lost536Val Mead
Richard Froggett CS XI256Beat226Dave Marshall
Mike Bowman256Lost279Luke Blackwell
Sean Tongs335Beat262Kelly Grant