By web - June 26 2011
UNDER 15's CUP EXIT The disappointment was on Froggies face as his Under 15's failed to show for the first 10 overs and made to pay against Cup Favourites Lymington. Lymington 155-7 - Hythe 120-8.



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New Forest Cup Quarter-Finals


14th June @ Jones Lane


The disappointment was their on Froggies face for everyone to see as his Under 15's (probably for the first time in 4 years) let him down when they could have given forest giants - Lymington a close game in the quarter-finals of the Forest Cup.

 ZAC '09


Pretty much everything that could go wrong did go wrong but to be frank the lads didn't make life easy for themselves with a very below par performance particularly in the field. Having said that it's the first game this season that they have not turned up at the races and hopefully the last as on their day they are as good as any team in the league which I think New Milton A would vouch for after their performance just 3 weeks previously.

Hythe put New Milton into bat with the plan to do exactly what they'd done to New Milton - restrict them and take early wickets. However that simply didn't happen. Unfortunately some uncharacteristic loose bowling and loose fielding saw Lymington on 44 for 0 after just 4 overs! And from there, whilst things did improve to eventually limit them to 155, the damage had already been done. There was one wicket a piece for Josh Mead (on his first start of the season following injury), Alex Nicholas and Richard Jones with Sam Long coming on later in the innings and picking up 3 wickets and in fact was on a hatrick at one point but it wasn't quite to be. There were a number of misfields and catching opportunities not taken some of which were sadly due to a lack of sharpness and 'walking in' that is drilled relentlessly but for some reason was lacking on the night. One highlight was a run out courtesy of a Blandford and Millar combination.  

So at half way it had been grim viewing compared to normal but the chat was still positive and the boys felt they could still chase the total down as did soem of the parents that have watched the games so far this season. So the plan was to keep as close to the run rate of just under 8 an over as possible from the start so that the later guys didnt have too much to do in the fading light......however just 26 off the first 6 overs left Hythe with a mountain to climb in the shape of 130 from 14 overs.

It proved far too much and despite a brief upturn for a few overs including a 6 from Millar and another soild performance from James Bidwell with 26 there was too much to do in the fading light and the game meandered to a deflating defeat as Hythe ended on 120 for 8. Had the performance in the field been even close to the previous games this season then 120 might have been enough to win but alas today that was not the case. Hopefully the boys will be hurting from what happened in the field, will think about what they could have done better individually (and as a team) and get back to their former positive ways and have a great end to the season.

Toss Won by : Hythe



Innings of : LYMINGTON 'A' 155 For 7 (20 Overs)

BatsmanHow OutBowlerRuns
1. A.DrodgeRetiredNot Out41
2. J.QuigleyRun ( Blandford) Out25
3. J.LewisCt. MillarLong5
4. C.MoorsCt. BidwellMead18
5. J.ElliottBowledNicholas11
6. J.Cornwell Ct. MeadLong5
7. D.Stote Not Out21
8. F.KinsellaBowledLong0
9. J.HarrisonCt. BidwellJones1
10. H.ChandlerNot Out0
11. S.Baker   
Extras - 28TOTAL155 For 7


Hythe Bowling

Josh Mead40361
Alex Nicholas40341
Sam Long40213
Richard Jones40331
Kieran Chalmers40290


Innings of : HYTHE 120 For 8 (20 Overs)

BatsmanHow OutBowlerRuns
1. Richard JonesCaughtChandler14
2. +Zac MillarCaughtChandler35
3. * Kieran ChalmersBowledMoors5
4. James BidwellBowledMoors26
5. Jordan BlandfordCaughtMoors4
6. Alex NicholasRunOut2
7. Jack Knight-OwenBowledElliott1
8. Sam LongNotOut7
9. Josh MeadBowledElliott0
10. Elliott CarleyNot Out3
11. Harrison Smith   
Extras - 23TOTAL120 For8



Result : LYMINGTON Beat HYTHE by 35 Runs