By web - May 15 2009
HYTHE & DIBDEN CRICKET CLUB SELECTION POLICY Here is the Hythe & Dibden Selection Policy. The Committee meet Tuesday Nights to select the side for the following weekend. If you haven't been selected for Saturday League Cricket then dont threat - put your name forward for Sunday and stake your claim for the following week.


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Hythe & Dibden Cricket Club - SELECTION POLICY


1. We will try to pick the best team first (as agreed by the selection committee).

2. Rule 1 will apply at all times except in cases where youth development is considered more beneficial to the development of the club.

3. Every player will have a team role, agreed by the captains.

4. Selection will be based on availability, form, known ability, conduct and attitude.

5. Balanced sides will try to be selected, in line with players available.

6. Where a player is picked in a different team from usual they will be played as close to their normal positions as possible.

7. Non-payment of subscriptions by the end of May will mean non-selection if numbers are available.

8. Late drop outs may be taken in to consideration for future selection.

9. Selections will be available to players ASAP on the club web site.

10. Saturdays League sides (in order) are the main priority, with Sunday & Cup competitions following in order.

11. Inappropriate behaviour (on or off the field) is not acceptable at any time and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

12. The selection committee reserves the right to vary the above if circumstances dictate.


Players Responsibility to Hythe & Dibden CC


1. Meet your commitment - don't drop out after Tuesday evening.

2. Notify availability to the selection committee before 18.30 Tuesday, including any need to leave early, "play at home" etc.

3. Be responsible for checking your selection on the web site and advise any non availability to captains at the earliest opportunity.

4. Practice your agreed role to the best of your ability/availability.

5. Be on time - arrivals at the game should be a minimum of 30 minutes before the start (60 minutes for the 1st XI)

6. Play where selected to the best of your availability.

7. Help your captain on match days, without being asked!!

8. Always uphold "the spirit of cricket", good manners and our club, on and off the field.

9. Please make sure you pay your match fees.

10. Please play as many games as you can.