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Here are the Top Bowling Performances in Friendly Games over the past 45 years. If i've missed you off please let me know. Dudley Barrett took 10 wickets in a game back in 1965. He was bowling so fast that the numbr 11 refused to go out to bat. John Adams also achieved the 10 wkts haul in 1956 but a few games later left for Lymington because he though the Hythe lads weren't taking it seriously enough.






1956- 2012


10 Wickets in an Innings
Dudley BARRETT10-6June '65Eastleigh Corinthians
John ADAMS10-53Aug '56Hyde Ramblers


9 Wickets in an Innings
Cliff WHEELER9-21Aug '65Bournemouth Electric
Tony WOODHOUSE9-21July '71Ferndown


8 Wickets in an Innings
Ron MAIDMENT8-7Aug '68Careys Lambert
Cliff WHEELER8-15Sept '84Botley
Wayne EFFENY (photo)8-17June '80Old Parkstonians
Steve CHIVERTON8-23July '80Old Bournemouthains II
Ian ROBINSON8-24Aug '64Calmore
Steve CHIVERTON8-35May '90Pylewell Park
Brian SEXTON8-35May '70Burley
Richard THOMAS8-36June '62Weston
Tony WOODHOUSE8-36June '77Alton
Phil PICK8-41Aug '65Cestrians
Dudley BARRETT8-44Aug '67Southampton T.C
Dave SMITH8-45July '70Fair Oak


7 Wickets in an Innings
Phil PICK7-7June '67Old Tauntonians
Dudley BARRETT7-8July '64K.A.O.B
Cliff WHEELER7-12Aug '67Poole Old Grammarians
Mike SWANTON (photo)7-13June '62Milford on Sea
Tony WOODHOUSE7-13May '77Hyde Ramblers
Harold LONGMAN7-14May '62Rydal
Paul WHITLOCK7-15May '82Wickham
Phil PICK7-17Aug '65Burley
Dudley BARRETT7-18May '65Lymington
Mike SWANTON7-19Aug '67Fordingbridge
Tony WOODHOUSE7-20May '70Ferndown British L
Tony WOODHOUSE7-21May '70Bramshaw
Alan WILTSHIRE7-21June '75Alton
Bill PALMER7-22Aug '92Pylewell Park
Tony WOODHOUSE7-22July '68Beaulieu
Harold LONGMAN7-23Sept '64Langley Manor
Phil PICK7-23Aug '69Alverstoke
Brian MARWOOD7-23June '68Flamingoes
Cliff WHEELER7-23Aug '65Hornshunden
Malcolm RUMSEY7-25July '70Wellow & Plaitford
Brian MARWOOD7-26June '70I.S.R
Tony WOODHOUSE7-27June '71J.S.Whites (I.O.W)
Russell MOORE7-27July '10Fawley 2nd XI
Ron MAIDMENT7-32July '70Ferndown
Dudley BARRETT7-33Aug '67Lyndhurst
Lawrence READ7-39June '79Lymington
Brian MARWOOD7-36July '68Wimbourne
Colin FENSOME7-36July '74Phoenix
J.J.SMITH7-36May '71Hordle
Brian SEXTON7-37July '72Hyde Ramblers
P.WEAVER7-39Sept '84Fordingbridge
Mike SWANTON7-23July '65Calmore
Eric WYMA7-24Aug '98Purbrook
Darren BOYNTON7-25June '80Brockenhurst
Cliff WHEELER7-25July '64East Tytherley
Tony WOODHOUSE7-42July '76Alton
Paul WASTELL7-44Sept '78Fordingbridge
Ewan BELL7-45July '00Cornwood
David WRIGHT7-54Sept '90Follands
Adrian MALCOLM7-57Sept '75Hursley Park
Mike SWANTON7-57June '69Wimbourne
Cliff WHEELER7-57Aug '08New Milton


6 Wickets in an Innings
Dudley BARRETT6-6June '64Milford on Sea
Wayne EFFENY6-11Apr '85Follands
Mike SWANTON6-12Aug '62Worthies
Phil PICK6-13June '67Langley Manor
Cliff WHEELER6-13May '67Burley
Paul WHITLOCK6-13June '80Poole Old Grammarians
Paul WHITLOCK (photo)6-13June '86Northwood
Doug TAYLOR6-15May '73Rydal II
Colin GOODALL6-15May '76Hyde Ramblers
Kevin RICKETTS6-16May '76Old Bournemouthians
A.RUMSEY6-16Aug '69Winchester City
Tony WOODHOUSE6-16May '72Bramshaw
Stuart PRICE6-17June '99South Wilts
Harold LONGMAN6-17May '74Fordingbridge
Ian ROBINSON6-19June '65Burley
Alan WILTSHIRE6-19June '74Kennedys
Brian SEXTON6-19July '70Hyde Ramblers
Cliff WHEELER6-19July '62Boldre
Phil PICK6-20June '67Calmore
Paul WHITLOCK6-21May '86Alton
Ken MUNDAY6-22May '67Old Parkstonians
Tony WOODHOUSE6-22Sept '72Kennedys
Brian MARWOOD6-22June '68Moorhill
David BROWN6-23May '70Wayfarers
Tony WOODHOUSE6-23May '68Kennedys
Tony WOODHOUSE6-24July '76Ferndown
Brian SEXTON6-24Aug '70Poole Old Grammarians
Richard THOMAS6-24Aug '62Calmore
Fred WASTELL6-24Apr '75Lymington
Harry SMITH6-25Sept'08Westbourne
Neil RODDIS6-25Aug '72Beaulieu
Ron MAIDMENT6-26Sept '68Michelmersh
Richard HATLEY6-27Aug '97Merlin
Tony WOODHOUSE6-27Aug '80Ferndown
Phil PICK6-28Aug '65Mottisfont
Brian SEXTON6-28July '75Castle
Ian WHITE6-29June '02Elliotts ( Kent )
Paul WHITLOCK6-29July '91Farnborough
Ken MUNDAY6-30Aug '70Westgreen Baptist
Paul WHITLOCK6-31May '92Fordingbridge
Brian SMITH6-31Aug '73Poole Old Grammarians
George HARRIS6-31Sept '85Fordingbridge
Matin DOEL6-32July '75Ferndown
Matt HOWE6-33May '04Merlin
Roy BILES6-33July '77Beaulieu
Cliff WHEELER6-33June '65Milford on Sea
Cliff WHEELER6-33May '62Romsey
David BROWN 6-34May '69Poole Old Grammarians
Tony WOODHOUSE6-35May '72Lymington II
Mike SWANTON6-36June '64Exbury
Mike SWANTON6-36July '69Moseley Park
Brian MARWOOD6-37July '68Moorhill
Tom BARGE6-37Aug '99Farnborough
Tony HUNTLEY6-37May '64Lyndhurst
Harold LONGMAN6-38Oct '72Bramshaw
Neil RODDIS6-38June '74Purbrook
Brian SMITH6-38Sept '73Hursley Park
Cliff WHEELER6-39July '65Romsey
Paul WHITLOCK6-39Sept '90Portsmouth
Mike PICK6-39July '72Portsmouth & S/sea
Rob JAMES6-41July '06Trojans
Tony WOODHOUSE6-41July '87Wimbourne II
Neil RODDIS6-43July '74Hyde
David BROWN6-43Sept '69East Tisted
Mike SWANTON6-44Aug '71Hursley Park
Ian ROBINSON6-46June '65Botley
Paul WHITLOCK6-46July '90Farnborough
Colin GOODALL6-46Aug '78Ferndown
Adrian MALCOLM6-47Sept '76Northwood
Richard THOMAS6-47June '64Mottisfont
Ken MUNDAY6-47June '65Mottisfont
Mike SWANTON6-48July '62East Tytherley
George HARRIS6-48June '73Waterlooville
Tony WOODHOUSE6-49July '74Ampfield
Mike SWANTON6-50July '62Exbury
Martin DOEL6-50Aug '75Wimbourne
J.J.SMITH6-51Aug '71Cadnam
Tony WOODHOUSE6-55May '71Kennedys
Tony WOODHOUSE6-71May '72District Cavaliers
Jeff DICKS6-79May '82Trojans
Steve LEGGETT6-89Aug '70Southampton T.C
Jeff DICKS6-99June '90Northwood


Friendly Hat Tricks ( Since 2000 )

vs Soton Warriersvs Bromley Commonvs Fawley IIvs Wimbourne
August 2012August 2007July 2008 June 2005

Friendly Hat Tricks ( Pre 2000 )

vs PCS. Cormorantsvs Fordingbridgevs Trojansvs Northwood
August 2000August 1978July 1980June '86


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