Selection Process

By Admin - March 29 2011

Selection Committee Process

The Selection Committee put forward a selection process on 22nd March 2011 including criteria to be used for selecting players in a season where we have an unprecedented number of members all wanting to play cricket. It is made up of four different criteria based on performance, training, club goals, and subscription.

The selection process will be held in a formal meeting on club premises on (where possible) the Tuesday before the forthcoming game.


It is the Selection Committee’s intention to have a 5 weekly review of performance throughout the season to identify players that should be either moved up or down based on their performance over the given period (injuries and unavailability aside).

This will act as a stake in the ground for the selection committee to reflect on performance at a given time which gives players an opportunity to prove their ability and worth to the team over that 5 week period.


Attendance to training should not be viewed as optional and therefore training attendance will be taken into consideration when performance cannot be used as the differentiator.

Club Goals

All selection decisions should be made with the Club’s best interests in mind and should consider the short-term, medium-term and long-term goals of the Club.

Short-term (match basis) – consideration of the forthcoming match should be made so that the team has the best chance of winning the match on the day.

Medium-term (season basis) – a consideration of how the short-term selection impacts future selections for the rest of the season.

Long-term (3yr view) – consideration should be made to how the current selection will impact the team over the long run. For example, what should the team to look like in 3yrs.

Member Subscription

Non payment of subscriptions by the 1st May will lead to non-selection after this date should a paying member be available.