Seaton 43 vs 41 Horden

Seaton 43 vs 41 Horden

By Dan Charlton - January 5 2011
Seaton and Horden played out an entertaining annual charity fixture at Hornby Park on Saturday in support of CRY, with Seaton taking the trophy this year.

The postponed annual charity fixture took place on Saturday with both sides bringing a mix of youth and experience into the game.

Seaton ran out eventual winners in what was an open and enjoyable game to both watch and participate in.  All told around 50 players took part.

An excellent time was had by all both during and after the match with the club able to raise around £150 for the CRY charity on the day.

This is an excellent cause, lets hope this fixture can carry so we can continue to raise money and support the CRY charity in the future.

Looking forward to the return fixture this Christmas at Horden!


Seaton 43 vs 41 Horden
Official Seaton Carew RUFC (IP Logged)
05/01/2011 09:12
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Re: Seaton 43 vs 41 Horden
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