Friday Night's Alright for Football!

By Parry Maguire - October 28 2005
Friday Night's Alright for Football!

Friday Night's Alright for Football!

Come on then lads pull on your shirts
The Black & White stripes with pride
It's Friday night down Cefn Mawr
No time to run and hide!

Glory in the distance there
3 points to nail the game
Questions asked who's got the bottle
To make himself a name!

The fans all stand together now
Keep huddled from the wind
That lashes rain down from the skies
Whilst the oppo's lads are skinned!

Mazza's off there on a roll
Whilst Mackin saves he's sound
Emotions running high down here
Barton stands his ground!

The Druids gun for glory now
Commanding all the play
Hold up yer heads lads keep it calm
The goals are on their way!

90 minutes not long enough
It passes like a flash
Coulson Cook and Andrews there
Hang on to yer hats!

Griffiths shoots like lightning strikes
Williams fires his bolts
Movers players shakermakers
But who will be heroes?

Hearts now beating nails are bitten
The tension starts to build
Brian Mackie looks away
Coz he's just seen the bill!

Kids cheer on their favourite stars
With Dads they join the Q
To grab a bite to eat then toast
A drink to Ossie's blessed boots!

Parry Maguire (2005)