NEWI Cefn Druids - (Champions' League Dream)

By Parry Maguire - July 26 2005
NEWI Cefn Druids - (Champions' League Dream)

Down the Plaskynaston Lane
We sing all the songs
A prayer and a wish and hymn
Wrapped up in the scarf
With nought but a dream
To warm our poor hearts from the wind

Brave men of the blood
Who will take to the field
And play with a passion all fear
Blood sweat and tears
Then the sound of our cheers
Would follow them all off the field

The lads of the “Ancients”
Will fight for the cause
Where the football is hard made of steel
You can curse you can swear
Pull what’s left of your hair
And then dream of the Champions' League!

© Parry Maguire (2005)

(In praise of keeping Welsh Premier League football at Plaskynaston Lane)