Season 2006/07

By Techlad - June 15 2007
Season 2006/07 Match reports from the current season of 2006/07 that are no longer displayed on the match report section. All league games unless stated. (v Novos (A) W 23-20) (v Stags (A, Fr) W 13-0) (v Wallsend (A) L 13-8) (v WBR (H) L 14-3) (v S'by (H,Cup) L 20-12) (v Acklam (H) W 36-0) (v Ashington (A) W 22-18) (v Seaton (H) W 10-3) (v Blyth (H) W 39-23) (v G'boro (A) D 14-14) (v Winlaton V (A) L 10-6) (v Houghton (H) W 8-0) (v Yarm (A) W 17-15) (v West (H, Fr) L 47-5) (v G'boro (H) W 12-5) (v Blyth (A) W 17-16) (v Ashington (H) W 25-3) (v Acklam (A) L 28-12) (v Winlaton (H) W 37-3) (v WBR (A) W 32-8) (v Wallsend (H) L 6-13) (v Seaton (A) W 25-24) (v B Auk (A,Fr) L 22-17) (v Novos (H) W 10-8) (v Win (A,Cup) L 21-3) (v Yarm (H) W 17-0) (v H'ghton (A) W 26-8)