History of the fixture

By Techlad - January 2 2007
A brief rundown on the history of the annual Gingers v Stashers fixture. Information provided by Brendan Baggs.

The Gingers v Stashers fixture dates back to 1992 when Keith Baggs’ West Colts took on Michael Siddle’s West Junior Colts after the gauntlet was thrown down after too much alcohol was consumed one Saturday evening.


The Stasher’s were victorious in the initial meeting, with Anthony ‘Chabal’ Cameron commanding in the tight, Lee McNeil dominating the loose, Brendan Baggs orchestrating at the base and Stephen Adamson rampaging in the centre picking up a brace of tries.


This trend continued with The Stashers dominating up until the new millennia, although the Gingers did manage a couple of underhand wins. Since the 2000 season the Gingers have managed to gain a stranglehold on the Trophy, mainly due to the devious and dishonest recruitment strategy their coaching unit have employed.


However, as time waits for no man and our bodies are not getting any younger for the original players, the numbers of original players have inevitably diminished year on year. It is testament and tribute for those people who ensure that this fixture is as successful as ever and ensure that the match goes ahead hell or high-water.