By Arwyn Morgan - March 6 2008
Here is the 2007/8 squad as it currently stands. Once they are available, please click on a players name to view their profile.
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Geoff Marshall
Mark "Stumpy" Coward
Terry Titley
Andy Barnett


Arwyn Morgan
Arwyn Morgan
Ged "The Jedi" Dernley

2nd Row Bruce Ramage
Scott Lester
Back Row

Nick Fenton
Matt Hall
John Childs
Richard Rodda
Anthony Williams

Half Backs

Malc "The Boot" Wellor
Harry Mytton
Liam Alford
Jon "Front Row" Broomhead
Ollie Campbell


Raz "Frodo" McVeigh
Sam Patel
John Ryan

Wingers Jamie"Gay boy" Miller
Andrew "Wilko" Rayfield
Ben Senior
Full Backs

Rob "The Ninja" Collins
Dan "The Man" Wooliscroft