Clowne Town Cricket Club Officials 2009

By Ben Holmes - November 18 2008
Clowne Town Cricket Club Officials 2009
Clowne Town CC The Clowne Town Cricket Club officials for the 2009 season were decided at the recent AGM which was held at the pavilion. A number of changes have been made for the 2009 season click below to see what changes have been made
Club Officials

Clowne Town Cricket Club Officials - 2009

Club President Gordan Petinger

Chairman Andrew Smalley

Secretary Dave Swannack

Treasurer Angela Fox

Groundsman John Steers

Members Secretary Jackie White

Bar Managers Rachel Gibbs & Matt Linacre

Team Captains

1st Team Captain Adam White

1st Team Vice Captain Dale Steers

2nd Team Captain Phill Bennett

2nd Team Vice Captain Andrew Smalley

3rd Team Captain Andy Walker

3rd Team Vice Captain Matt Parker

Sunday 1st Team Captain Terry Bell

Sunday 1st Team Vice Captain Edward Kinsey

Sunday 2nd Team Captain Barry Kinsey

Sunday 2nd Team Vice Captain John Hendley

All of the above individuals form part of the clubs committee.

Other Committee Members

John Hendley

Paul Linacre

Sarah Hendley

Graham White