Clowne Town CC Forty Niner Club

By Ben Holmes - April 15 2005
Clowne Town CC Forty Niner Club
Clowne Town CC Join the Clowne Town CC Forty Niner Club today and stand the chance of winning cash prizes each week. Pick the winning Saturday lottery bonus ball and win cash prizes. Pick a number and pay 1 a week during the season. Check page to see what numbers are available.
Clowne Town CC Forty Niner Club

Please find the list of 49 numbers along with the name of whom the number belongs to within the Forty Niner Club.

If you wish to buy a number click here and leave a message on the message board. All payments must be in before the Sauturday Lottery draw.

1- C Deside
2- Paul Osbourne
3- M Gascoyne
4- John Steers
6- A Smalley
7- V Gascoyne
8- R Bennett
10- G White
11- J Green
12-M Cook
13- M Forrest
14- P Bennett
15- M Baines
16- Tony Cook
17- Jamie Fellows
18- V Bean
19- R Cook
20- Boxspring
21- R Mellors
22- M Linacre
23- J Kinsey
24- Chris Hendley
25- S Bennett
26- Ghurker
27- P Wlker
28- P Linacre
29- R Spibey
31- M Prker
32- R Scott
33- I Twigg
34- M Smith
37- I Parsons
38- C Dolby
39- M Liley
40- S Barnes
41- B Holmes
42- G Long
43- A Walker
44- J Hendley
45- J Atkinson
47- S Hounsell
Contact Tony Cook if you would like one of the remaining numbers.
Prize money for a winning Bonus ball is 30
No Winner = Roll Over.