Roles and Responsibilities

By Dave Picken - July 20 2017
Roles and Responsibilities An explanation of the various roles in the running of the club ....


CHAIRMAN (Dave Stubbs)

Responsible for:

• Chairing the Board and its meetings.
• Overall management and running of the Club through the Board
• Representing the Club as Lead-Officer
• The overall management of paid staff and volunteers
• The overall management of the facilities and operation of the club
• Setting of annual budgets across the club in liaison with committees and officers.


Responsible to the Board for:

• Providing financial management of the club through the Finance Committee and Board as appropriate
• Chairing the Finance Committee and its meetings
• Overseeing the setting of annual budgets in liaison with committees and presentation to the Board for approval.
• Provision of monthly management accounts and cashflow projections.
• Provision of year end accounts.
• The arrangement of the accounts to be independently reviewed with an associated report.
• Authorisation of relevant expenditure by committees and officers
• All invoicing, debtors and creditors activity.
• The financial management of paid staff (including bar staff) employed by the club including pay and human resource issues.
• The overall pricing and income generation policies (including the Bar and functions)
• The overall management of supplier contracts including the brewery.
• The marketing and promotion of corporate and other sponsorship initiatives.
• The provision of a set of annual targets with a 2 and 5 year projection

SECRETARY (Dave Picken)

Responsible to the Board and Finance Committee for:

• Supporting the Board and Finance Committee and their meetings.
• Administrative requirements in the management and running of the club.
• Developing club policies and our RFU Club Accreditation.
• Liaising with representative bodies and other organisations and representing the club as required
• Managing the GMS system
• Player registration in liaison with Chair of Rugby Management
• League rugby administration
• Club Handbook
• Match programme
• Marketing, PR, communications and ICT (including social media).
• Ensuring all relevant licenses are in place.
• Financial administration in connection with the role
• external income generation initiatives together with some internal income generation
• The promotion of corporate and other sponsorship initiatives.
• Health and Safety compliance within the club in relation to its facilities, staff and visitors including relevant risk assessments and Safeguarding requirements
• Ensure all relevant licenses are in place
• Day-to-day management of the bar and catering staff in liaison with the Bar Manager, appointed volunteers and the Finance Committee to ensure service provision and meet budget targets. The provision of a set of annual targets, both financial and progressive with a 2 and 5 year projection
• Managing the relationship with the brewery and making recommendations to the Board/Finance Committee
• Organising the annual beer festival
• Management and maintenance of car parking areas including stewardship on match days and other events.
• Presenting annual Facility Strategy for the prioritisation of planned maintenance and improvements to the Board
• Completing the annual Facilities Audit for the RFU/County bodies
• Providing day-to-day repair and maintenance of the facilities within budget and to ensure all health and safety requirements are met.



Responsible to the Board and Finance Committee for:

• The management of the use and operation of the club’s facilities for internal fundraising events through the Finance Committee and the Board as appropriate
• Chairing the Entertainment Committee and its meetings
• Liaising with the Secretary on event planning and management
• The provision of regular reports to the Finance Committee and Board as appropriate .
• Setting event and overall budgets for approval by the Board the provision of a set of annual targets, both financial and structural, with a 2 and 5 year projection.
• Managing the club’s catering and hospitality services (but excluding bar management)
• Provision of catering and hospitality services for players, spectators, sponsors, invited guests and visitors at training, match days, events and on other occasions as required, including partner organisations such as Hockey clubs
• Marketing of the club’s facilities and income generation via internal events, parties, dinners and other initiatives to meet and where possible exceed budget requirements.
• Assisting in the organisation of the annual beer festival
• Health and Safety compliance within the club in relation to its facilities, staff and visitors including relevant risk assessments and Safeguarding requirements
• Promoting the culture and development of the club
• The promotion of corporate and other sponsorship initiatives.


Responsible to the Board for:

• The development of rugby and players within the club.
• Chairing the Rugby Management Committee and its meetings
• Setting budgets and playing targets for relevant elements of rugby management
• Provision of monthly operational and financial performance reports to the Finance Committee and Board as appropriate.
• The management of fixtures, playing/team requirements, selection, coaching and first aid.
• Promoting the ethos, values and conduct within the club in order to attract and retain players at all levels for all teams.
• Setting 2 and 5 year targets.
• Liaising with the Mini and Junior section to promote a joined-up approach and achieve successful transition to senior rugby.
• Health, safety and welfare of players including safeguarding requirements.
• Liaise with the Secretary on player registration.
• Organising transport to away fixtures and other activities within budget requirements
• Organising the playing pitches and surrounds for match days
• Management of players kit arrangements
• Organising training facilities both at the club and other locations.
• Management and maintenance of the gymnasium.
• Provision, management and maintenance of all equipment as it relates to training and playing.
• Representing the club with outside bodies.
• Management and maintenance of the pitches, grounds, and associated areas and structures including liaison with relevant providers.
• The promotion of corporate and other sponsorship initiatives.

DIRECTOR OF RUGBY (Graeme Southern)

• Manage a planned and organised playing structure to provide competitive rugby for all levels with the senior teams.
• To determine, modify and agree, through the Executive Committee, the
• selection policy of the club.
• To ensure the selection procedure is implemented fairly and effectively
• To be the official voice of the club on playing matters with the Press.
• To ensure, either directly or through surrogates, that the teams outside the 1st XV squad are watched on a regular basis so that players with sufficient potential to play in the first two teams are identified early.
• To represent the playing members in discussions at the Executive Committee and to raise issues on their behalf.
• To represent the Club’s policies as they affect playing members.
• To manage matters relating to coaching throughout the club, where necessary relaying issues back to the Executive Committee.
• Direct the Physio team to ensure the club benefits from efficient injury management
• As necessary, to hire new coaches for the 1st XV squad.
• To coordinate the activities of the Ground Chairman and Fixtures Secretary
• To agree a budget for the playing side of the club with the Treasurer and Chairman on an annual basis.
• Together with coaching team to be responsible for the rugby played. The DoR will ensure the Coaching team fulfil their responsibilities throughout the Club including the Youth section.
• The DoR will act as a link point for those Officers that have roles directly connected with playing rugby


• Make sure all players are registered
• Fill in team sheets and other relevant forms before matches
• Liaise with players over away game transport
• Arrange for the team jerseys to be washed between matches
• Make sure the team turns out properly dressed for matches, mouthguards and safety studs
• Represent the team at club meetings


Responsible to the Board for:

• The administration of club membership processes and initiatives
• Maximising income from member-related initiatives
• Assisting the Secretary in the administration and support of running the club
• The promotion of corporate and other sponsorship initiatives.


Responsible to the Board for:

• Create and lead a team of people to deliver rugby for 7-17 year olds
• Arrange and chair Mini and Youth Committee meetings
• Ensure the Mini and Youth members are represented within the Main Committee and local Constituent Body meetings
• Attend Sub-Committee meetings if they concern Mini and Youth Rugby policy
• Work alongside other Club officers to co-ordinate the running and playing of Mini junior rugby tournaments
• Make sure players, coaches and parents are familiar with the core values of the game
• Ensure those who are new to the game understand that it can be played and enjoyed by people of all shapes and sizes


• Create team standards consistent with the values of the game in consultation with Team Managers, players and support volunteers
• Identify and develop talented players through the club and beyond
• Promote the club to potential players
• Prepare a plan and a budget for long term player development
• Set a philosophy and game plan that recognises the teams’ strengths
• Implement processes across the whole club to optimise fitness and conditioning, prevent and evaluate in juries, co-ordinate training and recovery sessions
• Establish a transparent selection policy
• Advise on planning training to ensure team and individual player needs are met
• Ensure all players receive clear honest feedback and appraisal of their performance

SAFEGUARDING OFFICER (Rita Westhorp & Steve Wilkinson)

• Develop Safeguarding policies and procedures in conjunction with RFU guidance
• Maintain a system of DBS checking anyone working with young people
• Arrange a programme of training for club personnel working with young people (eg Safeguarding-Play it Safe and In Touch courses)
• Ensure that all safeguarding issues and incidents are reported promptly
• Keep up-to-date contact details for the local statutory agencies (police/social services etc.) and liaise with them when necessary
• Ensure all parents of new mini & youth players receive and sign the club Safeguarding policy
• Be aware of individual children’s special educational or medical needs and the need to inform appropriate club age-group coaches/managers
• Ensure club first aid arrangements comply with RFU protocols
• Monitor the club website and report or amend inappropriate content
• Verify and confirm club accreditation information
• Distribute new information concerning the safeguarding of young people