Grazier Signs Up

By Dave Picken - June 14 2012
Grazier Signs Up
Grazier Hartlepool Rovers' Player of the Year  Stewart Grazier has announced that he will be joining West next season ...

The Durham County back row has gone on to the Rovers website to say he wants to try himself  at National League rugby.

He said: " I would like to let everyone know that I am leaving Rovers to sign for West, this has been a very difficult decision to make as Rovers is in my heart, however, I feel that I need to take this opportunity to test myself in a higher league to hopefully progress further as a player. If things don't work out I would love to return to Rovers as it is my club, but the time has come to test myself at a higher level.

"I would like to thank all the fellow team mates, coaches, supporters and everyone else involved with the club from the past 6 years that have helped me to develop as a player and made the time at this wonderful club so enjoyable."

Grazier Signs Up
Official West Hartlepool RFC (IP Logged)
14/06/2012 16:52
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Re: Grazier Signs Up
will be missed (IP Logged)
14/06/2012 17:04

Re: Grazier Signs Up
On looker (IP Logged)
14/06/2012 21:56
First class I've watched him play a few times last season and he stands out from the rest, brill news! Unlucky rovers!! Also agree with above will be an excellent addition

Re: Grazier Signs Up
Carlo03 (IP Logged)
15/06/2012 09:27
Fantastic signing for the club, stuey is a great player and a very strong ball carrier, great news!

Re: Grazier Signs Up
rover and disco's mate (IP Logged)
19/06/2012 11:37
Disco best 12.5/13.5 in town! He's that good he takes a step back and lets everyone else do rucking out so they can get better at it :P :P only joking disco, Good luck mate, enjoy yourself, and dont be a stanger...

Re: Grazier Signs Up
Outlook (IP Logged)
19/06/2012 11:55
Quite a lot of competition for places this season in the back row. Will be interesting

Re: Grazier Signs Up
Supercodhead (IP Logged)
19/06/2012 12:05
Disco goes to West and Foreman G. goes to BBOB!>>>have these lads no standards or is there still money in the game??>>>

Re: Grazier Signs Up
bent leg no.1 (IP Logged)
21/06/2012 07:57
thought you lot were supposed to have a good junior section, how come in the last 3 years the 2 foremans, chunk taylor and now disco have been poached from rovers?

Re: Grazier Signs Up
Beer Monsterzz (IP Logged)
21/06/2012 10:09
That’s a classic coming from a failing club wallowing mid table in a district league.

Just a little update on the current affairs with WHRFC.
We still live in porta-kabins but our kids are playing in the national league clubs such as Leicester, Rotherham, Wharfdale & if you couple this with West kids playing for West (at national league level) which is not a bad place to be in me thinks.

I know where I would rather be Bent leg and I guess the players / coach’s who have joined West over recent years think the same. Saying that at least you have a brick club house to boast about.

Re: Grazier Signs Up
Supercodhead (IP Logged)
21/06/2012 12:09
have to disagree with the bent one>>>a lot of the better West colts like Evens and Madison prefer to play in proper rugby surroundings and have made the journey in the opposite direction>>>i think we have the better part of the deal to be honest>>

Re: Grazier Signs Up
stag889 (IP Logged)
21/06/2012 12:51
Supercodhead. How can you say you have the better part of the deal when you are loosing all you better players to west dont know if you have noticed but you have just lost anohter one of your better if not your best players to us. Yes Evens and MAddison are good players but i think we have prosspered from our acquisitions a bit more thank you have. What is the gap between the two sides again. Im sure your reply will certainly include somthing about bricks.

Re: Grazier Signs Up
Andy Quinn (IP Logged)
21/06/2012 13:05
They have lost quite a few to BBOB also including Evans i heard

Club in disarray!! Sadly

Re: Grazier Signs Up
Coop (IP Logged)
21/06/2012 16:50
Why is it that we continualy snipe and bicker with each other. It's not productive for either club. As I have posted on the Rovers website, Rovers must support the players that are leaving to develop their rugby.

I think that we all understand now that West is the senior rugby club in the town, playing in the national league and with an excellent youth set-up but continually trying to start conflict and belittle other clubs doesnt help. And don't hide behind the word Craic, its not.

I am sure that when West were flying high had they been more gracious, then a relationship could have been fostered with Rovers, Old Boys, Tech and BBOB to provide players to West, as feeder clubs. Having the pick of homegrown talent may have kept West in the higher leagues for a greater legth of time.

Hartlepool is a rugby town and for the town to move on then the old prejudices need to be laid down, rugby clubs need to work together to provide a conveyor belt of good quality youngsters, who can go on to play National 3, 2, 1 or Premiership but at the same time we have a duty to provide somewhere to play for everyone, of any ability to play rugby. West have to be open and honest (we want your clubs best players etc.) and humble enough to allow the other clubs to work with them to produce a Hartlepool National 1, or, why not even a premiership team again.

Please note these are my opinions and not the opinion of my club.

Anthony Cooper
Hartlepool Rovers

Re: Grazier Signs Up
PC Plonka (IP Logged)
21/06/2012 18:36
Some good valid points there Coop...

"...but continually trying to start conflict and belittle other clubs doesnt help"

I don't think we do!
Normally the conflict is started by someone else outside the club.
In this instance, SCH (surprise, surprise!) and bent leg no.1 started the sh*t!

I am sure we all support local rugby, all it's clubs and would do anything to keep it on the up and not to it's demise!


Re: Grazier Signs Up
Dont throw brick then. (IP Logged)
21/06/2012 18:36
We are not starting the conflict Mr Cooper, we are simply retaliating to YOUR club members coming on to this message boards spouting off their green eyed monster dross. We can take the portacabin and senior team insults, but we are very protective (& proud) of our M/J structure so if one of YOUR members come on here and criticise it, you must expect an extreme response.

Re: Grazier Signs Up
21/06/2012 19:54
I agree with just about everything Coops has said. However, there are supporters/members on both sides who are solely intent on causing mischief with insults about portacabins and pasties etc. This message board has not been sanitized unlike Rovers
but I think it do with a bit more censorship.

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Re: Grazier Signs Up
I.O.U (IP Logged)
21/06/2012 22:24
PC Plonka - do you honestly think that 'supercodhead' reflects the views of the Rover supporter! Infact, are you 100% sure he is a real supporter at all or just someone who wants to wind you up! Quinny, you are embarrasing, you need to grow up. If you were my son, I would take the laptop off you.
We at Rovers hope West do very well next season and hopefully Disco will be a star.
Apologies for any spelling mistakes, but I'm on holiday and I have had a few to many beers. Ps, WPA, your correct, you need to have your website like Rovers, then you won't look like fools (Quinny)every week.good luck to all of your teams next season.

Re: Grazier Signs Up
Andy Quinn (IP Logged)
22/06/2012 07:24
I.O.U, how am i a joke? All i said was a fact and i am sad to see Rovers in the state they are in. But with people like you and your attitude i can see why your in freefall to be honest. Ok i like a wind up now and again, fair enough but i dont hide behind some daft name like some do who are just out to cause arguments.
The fact is your bitter about where your club is and what's happening there. Cooper came on here and he did make some very valid points.
I hope you do turn things around over there and get back to where you should be

Re: Grazier Signs Up
old shepherd (IP Logged)
23/06/2012 08:50
Spot on Coops.Purely hypathetical, but how good could a town team be?

Re: Grazier Signs Up
chuck liddell (IP Logged)
24/06/2012 10:52
disco stu is a brilliant player but should have come up the road to horden to play in the best pack around the district and the best saturday night discos,haway the yakka lads.

Re: Grazier Signs Up
mrwesty (IP Logged)
02/07/2012 09:31
just a rumour but i hear disco will be playing hooker this season to replace bailey! any truth in this?

Re: Grazier Signs Up
Supercodhead (IP Logged)
02/07/2012 12:05
if hes daft enough to sign for West he'll be daft enough to play front row>>>

Re: Grazier Signs Up
02/07/2012 13:48
I thought he was a back row so presumably this is just more mischief making from other clubs.

Re: Grazier Signs Up
KOlly (IP Logged)
02/07/2012 14:12
Hooker NO

Mischief YES

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