Stags Team for Pyman

By Dave Picken - April 9 2008
Stags Team for Pyman
Thomas The Stags face Rovers Heughers at the Friarage on a mission to finish off a superb season in style. They are riding high in the Candy with second or third place a likelihood but are also desperate for some silverware. Kick off 6.30.

Their season under Messrs Sotheran and and Peart has been better than anyone could have hoped for.

They give away years most weeks in the Candy but have impressed opposition and referees alike with their attitude and skill. Now they look to carry that in in the hard fought Pyman where local bragging rights mean so much.

It is only a couple of years ago that the Hartlepool blazers almost forgot to include the Stags in the Pyman draw. It had been so long since West had had a second string that Chris McLoughlin needed a gentle reminder. The draw had already been made that night but it had to be done again with the introduction of a preliminary round to take the uneven number of teams.

So the Stags and Heughers find themselves starting the competition a week ahead of everyone else.

The Stags will field more or less the team which put up a great show against a strong Penrith side at the weekend. Such is the quality that the likes of Carl Miller, and Adam Coates find themselves on the bench.

Stags: Thomas, Hare, G Robinson, Edwards, Butcher, Wallis, Williamson, Hogan, Norris, Greenwell, Henderson, Robson, Baggs, Smart, Garside. Reps: C Miller, Swales, Coates, Wood, Armstrong, Jackson, Lloyd.