Stags Take On Sunderland IIs

By Dave Picken - January 18 2007
Stags Take On Sunderland IIs
Henry The Stags take centre stage on Saturday with the visit of Sunderland Seconds in the County Cup [kick off 2.15]. It's been a mixed season so far for the Tees Valley merit league holders but things look like they are finally coming together.

Any first team is only as strong as its second XV and with the likes of James Masshedar, Paul Moss and Co. there are some fine players in the Stags. Henry Tones is also back in the squad after damaging his shoulder in training and undergoing a minor neck operation.

The incentives to turn up on Tuesdays and Thursdays are getting better. The first team's chances of promotion are fading so the opportunity to try some talent is there - plus one or two senior players look oike being out for some time.

Centre Peter Hodgson may be out for the rest of the season, while Chris Lambert jets off to Australia in a couple of weeks time. Prop Jon Norris is waiting for an operation on his hand and once that takes place he is likely to be missing for many months.

The second team coaches are in a position to name a large squad but, as ever, selection still takes place on Saturday lunchtime rather tham after training on Thursday night.

Stags from : Masheddar, Cheslin, Cheslin, Williamson, Tones.M, Weegram, Miller.P, Moss, Docherty, Greenwell, Butler, Phillips, Cholmondeley, Garside, Henderson, Baggs, Tones.H, Richardson, Oliver, Miller.C, Charlton.