Hartlepool Junior Cricket Club

By DJBT - April 3 2009
Hartlepool Junior Cricket Club

Dear Parents, Carers and Young Cricketers,

Chairman’s Welcome :

Welcome to Hartlepool Junior Cricket Club, (“HJCC”)! If new to HJCC, I hope your visits to Park Drive will be enjoyable. If returning, I’m sure you’ll continue to enjoy spending time at Park Drive. More importantly, I hope our Young Cricketers enjoy their membership of HJCC, with them enjoying their cricketing activities and “education”. I hope they also learn from being a member of a sports club. Parents and Carers may also wish to become a member of HJCC. If so, please ask at the Bar staff for a Membership Form.

HJCC is run by volunteers. It’s part of Hartlepool Cricket Club. Hopefully, as you feel part of HJCC, you’ll be able to offer some form of support too. Any support would be gratefully received, however small.

2019 is gearing-up to be a very exciting year. The ECB’s All Stars Cricket programme, (“ASC” : “aimed at providing children aged five to eight with a great first experience in cricket”), returns for a second year. Please see the following link for further information : www.ecb.co.uk/All-Stars We are looking to grow our cricket provision for girls. Linked to this, Sunday, 16th June, 2019 sees a Ladies T20 Day at Park Drive, with Durham, Cheshire and Somerset playing games from 10.30am! Three matches are being staged. As with 2018, there are plans for Durham to play a T20 warm-up fixture in June.

Background Information :

The main Officers of HJCC are, :- 

Position within the Junior Section :


Name of Officer :



Brendan Baggs


Michael Gough Senior


Kaye Barlow


Susanne Wilkinson

Club Welfare Officer

Lisa Garforth

Director of Coaching

Chris Smith

Clubmark Officer

David JB Thompson

HJCC is accredited by the Sport England Clubmark. Clubmark is an accreditation scheme for cricket clubs. A club holding Clubmark is recognised as “sustainable, well run and provides the right environment for its members”.

We adhere to the ECB’s “Safe Hands Policy for Safeguarding Children in Cricket”. All adults at HJCC who work with children, and meet the necessary criteria, are vetted by the ECB. This includes enhanced DBS and “Barred List” checks. “Safe Hands” can be viewed online at www.ecb/safehands. A copy is also available at HJCC.

If you have any concerns about your child, any other child at HJCC, or if you have any concerns about the behaviour of any adult at HJCC, then please immediately speak with HJCC’s Club Welfare Officer, Lisa Garforth. Lisa can be contacted on telephone number 07957784891, or e-mail : lisagarforth14@gmail.com If Lisa Garforth is unavailable, (or if the concerns relate to her), then contact can be made with the County Welfare Officer : John Crockatt; (0191) 5846299, or 07876344758; and jwcrockatt@gmail.com

We provide cricket opportunities for our Young Cricketers between 4 and 17 to receive training, coaching and competition. Whatever their ability, we aim to improve cricket skills. All training and coaching is supervised by ECB qualified coaches holding DBS clearance and first aid training. Our Coaches comply with the ECB’s Coaches Code of Conduct.

Junior cricket is an important progression towards adult cricket. We welcome Parents / Carers, (plus other family members and friends), to training, coaching and competitions. It would be great if some Parents / Carers could assist our Coaches with training and coaching sessions. If interested in assisting, please contact your child’s Coach for further details. We are extremely grateful to those existing Parents who already assist our Coaches. You know who you are!

HJCC has a Code of Conduct for Parents, Carers and Volunteers and a Code of Conduct for Junior Players. These help promote good behaviour and sportsmanship both on and off the cricket field. We aim to promote “the spirit of cricket”, ie. “Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact that it should be played not only within its Laws, but also within the Spirit of the Game. Any action which is seen to abuse this spirit causes injury to the game itself”. Copies of these Codes are shown on HJCC’s Noticeboard and can be found on TeamApp.

TeamApp :

HJCC uses TeamApp as its main means of communication. This can be accessed on a phone, tablet and pc. TeamApp is free. Please search “Team App” and download the App. Once downloaded, search for “HJCC Junior Cricket” and ask to join. Once accepted, you can sign up for the age group(s) applicable to your child. You’ll then receive updates about a variety of matters.

Training and Coaching Sessions :

These take place on evenings during the Summer, ie. April to September. Sessions involve skills coaching, small team games and net practice, depending upon age and ability. The Minis and U9s are encouraged to attain skills to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, with some sessions including skills tests for these awards. There’s also an Introduction to Cricket Award.

Information about sessions, Coaches and Team Managers is shown on HJCC’s Noticeboard and on TeamApp. Some extra sessions may be arranged. Occasionally, sessions may need to be cancelled due to poor weather. Club Professional, James Lowe, will be assisting with some sessions too. Any feedback about sessions is appreciated : our Coaches are keen to continuously improve their coaching techniques and styles. Training and coaching sessions are also arranged for the Winter months.

Safety :

The safety of our Young Cricketers is of paramount importance. They should bring a "water bottle" with them so that they keep hydrated : regular drink breaks are provided. Sun cream should be applied before sessions, especially in the "height of summer", with a cap also being recommended. Club caps can be purchased. Information about keeping safe in the sun can be found at www.oksunsafetycode.com

Notices are displayed around the cricket ground to make spectators aware of the dangers from cricket balls. Please remain vigilant during play, supervising young children who may wander onto the pitch.

Equipment :

Training kit consists of trousers / shorts, white shirt and cricket shoes, or training shoes. Coaches reserve the right to turn away those with unsuitable footwear for the conditions.

For the older ones, when batting and facing a hard ball, Young Cricketers must wear a helmet, (including when practicing in the nets), plus a suitable cricket box, (abdominal guard). HJCC has a collection of helmets for general use, although individuals may wish to supply their own. Young Cricketers must have their own box. HJCC also has bats, pads and gloves for general use. Unwanted clothing, (ie. sweaters, trousers, shirts and shoes), is always appreciated to provide a stock available to new members unable to purchase certain equipment. Children can grow quickly and recycling of good clothing, (and cricket equipment), reduces parental costs!

Travel Arrangements :

You need to make arrangements for your child to travel to and from the ground, (Park Drive, TS26 0DA), with Young Cricketers arriving about 10 minutes before their session is due to start. Punctuality is important. If you are going to be late collecting your child please contact their Coach, or Team Manager. It remains the responsibility of Parents / Carers to ensure there is no undue delay. For those Young Cricketers who participate in ASC, the Minis and the U9s, we ask that at least one Parent / Carer remains at the cricket ground during their session. Details of away matches will be confirmed, as appropriate.

Competitions :

There are five Junior Teams, (U11s, U12s, U13s, U15s and U17s), which compete in league and cup competitions. The plan is for our U9s to participate in a number of softball tournaments across the Summer. All Young Cricketers will be given an opportunity to experience competitive matches when considered safe and competent within their specific age group. The older players,(ie. those playing at U15 and U17 levels), will usually gain some experience of adult cricket. A number of internal competitions are played too, usually within age groups. Help from Parents / Carers with travel to away matches is appreciated. HJCC plans to run developmental sides too.

Presentation Evenings :

Annual Awards Evenings are held in the Clubhouse. These important events recognise the achievements of our Young Cricketers. Tickets go on sale towards the end of the Summer. The following have been arranged, :- 

Friday,4thOctober, 2019 :      Minis and U9s; and

Friday,11thOctober, 2019 :    U11s to U17s.

Communications and Social Media :

Various means of communication is used by HJCC, ranging from HJCC’s Notice Board and website :www.hartlepoolcc.co.uk. Social media is used. We also use Facebook and have three Twitter accounts : @HPoolCC; @HPoolCC_Minis; and @HJCCJnrs TeamApp has already been mentioned.

Annual Subscriptions and Coaching Fees :

The following Annual Subscriptions, appropriate to your child, must, for insurance purposes, be paid before they start attending training and coaching sessions, :-

School Year 6 and under and NOT participating in ASC: £15.00per annum;

School Year 6 and under and participating in ASC: £10.00 per annum; and 

School Year 7 and above : £20per annum.

An additional weekly charge of £3.00 is made when a Young Cricketer attends an individual session, although no weekly charge applies to ASC.

For 2019, after payment of the applicable Annual Subscription, our Young Cricketers will receive a cricket shirt. We have a new kit supplier : motif8. Their products can be found on TeamApp.

Concluding Comments :

Please ensure that the following documents are completed and returned which are an important part of your child becoming a member of HJCC, :-

Inclusion and Diversity Monitoring Form; and

Junior Membership and Player Profile Form.

For insurance reasons, your child is unable to take place in cricket activities at HJCC until their appropriate Annual Subscription has been paid and their Membership and Player Profile Form has been completed and returned.

TeamApp contains a copy of the Junior Privacy Notice which covers data protection issues.

I hope you and your Young Cricketer enjoy being part of the “cricket family” at HJCC. I also hope you enjoy your time spent at the Cricket Club, especially if the sun shines on Park Drive!

Good luck to our Young Cricketers in their cricketing exploits in 2019! Our Under 9s won our first trophy of 2019, when they won an Indoor Softball Competition held at Newton Aycliffe. Well done to the 15 players who represented HJCC over the four week period!

Finally, if you have any questions, or queries about HJCC, or any aspect of the cricket provision at the Hartlepool Cricket Club, then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

Brendan Baggs,

Chairman of HJCC Junior Section.

Telephone : 07825782976

E-mail :brendan.baggs@gmail.com