Famine after feast for Hartlepool batting

By Freelancer - August 4 2010
Hartlepool have now recorded 3 low scores after the run chase at Marske last week. Certainly confidence seems to be low among the middle order and perhaps it is time to think positive and play positively in search of competitive totals. Richmondshire may be just the place to start.

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Photographs supplied by Alan Lacy

Stokesley professionals Gamage and Beaumont strangled the life out of Hartlepool's later batting after early wickets and enthusiastic fielding applied the pressure.

Marc Symington battled hard to resurrect the innings but 88 all out was very disappointing.

Three bowlers struck in their first over including this catch behind off Saman but it wasn't enough to trouble a bouyant and confident Stokesley team.

The cup campaign ended on a dismal note at Bishop Auckland being dismissed for only 59 in the 15 over run chase after Bishops closed at 124.

Only Chris Smith with 4 for 22 from his 3 overs and Callum Prosser with 1 for 9 from 3 overs emerged with credit in a heavy defeat at the quarter final stage. 

The burly Smith continues to demonstrate that not every ball has to turn to get wickets!    Still it is the first time we have managed to get to the quarter finals of the 15's competition, so some progress.

Bishop Auckland v Hartlepool - Scores

Hartlepool v Stokesley - Scores

Bishop Auckland 3rds v Hartlepool 3rds - Scores

The seconds were without a game on Saturday, so it was left to a very youthful 3rds to finish the weekend off.  It was a painful defeat for acting captain John Houghton who managed to break a toe.  The match did however once again provide some decent individual performances with Tom Acey taking 4 wickets with his seam bowling.

No match at Park Drive this Saturday because of the Tall Ships (hadn't realised they were mooring in the Park pond) but there will be action on Sunday afternoon as the 3rds play host to Saltburn.  1sts and 2nds are away Saturday (if they can find a road out of town).