Mounted Equipilates TM sessions

By CD - March 25 2018
Mounted Equipilates TM sessions Ever wondered how a mounted Equipilates TM session could help you? Do you find you can ride great circles to the right, but not the left? Do you find that you always lose the same stirrup? When jumping do you lose straightness or balance following a turn?

Let's face it ... a horse can feel a fly, so they must be able to feel us sitting on top and feel if our weight distribution drifts more one way than another. We can influence a horse's direction using our bodies, giving the impression that riding horses is easy to the non-rider but we all know that is not the case!

During mounted sessions, we can help all levels of rider develop feel by teaching the ABC of Equipilates™, i.e. Alignment, Breathing & Core. We show you how using these techniques influences your body & therefore your horse. Using the Visualise jackets developed by Russel Guire of Centaur Biomechanics, to help us see what is happening. We encourage you to use video, watching in slow motion the improvement from beginning to the end of the session, linking seeing and feeling the change for longer lasting improvements. 

We can also use exercises, both mounted and dismounted to help your bodies function better to allow you to follow the instructions of your regular trainer. We know it can be challenging to move a leg here or keep the hand stiller while applying a leg aid ... this is where we can give you the tools to achieve this.

Each rider then receives a feedback form showing which areas of the body we have worked on, which word cues helped and if relevant, exercises to do at home. These words can then be used by your own trainers to remind you of the feel ... team work to help you achieve your goals! 

If you are interested in booking a ridden session, contact Claire directly on her mobile, 07500041512.