By SB - June 20 2010
Welcome! Welcome to Blue House Dressage. Click here to learn more about Claire, who is now integrating Equipilates TM into her coaching ... 

Claire has over 30 years experience in the Equine industry as a rider, teacher & judge. She has been teaching and sharing her work with novices and professionals alike.  A life threatening riding injury transformed her life in a way she never expected leading her to study Equipilates™, a revolutionary new technique combining Equine biomechanics with Pilates. Working with Lindsay Wilcox-Reid of Equipilates™ and Rachel Rafiefar of the Thoughtful Body™ she has achieved her Equipilates Affiliated Instructor™, YMCA Level 3 Mat Pilates and Equipilates Biomechanics Trainer™ qualifications. 

She is already able to take riders on a new voyage of discovery with their body through Pilates Matwork and Reformer using the biomechanics techniques to help them be aware of their body imbalances and recover from injuries. Through this work you will be able to improve functional strength, flexibility, elegance and balance to enhance your life and for those who enjoy the passion of riding, for the benefit and welfare of your horse. 


Rider in Visualise Jacket, reproduced by kind permission of Kevin Owens