The Seven Golden Rules of Sevens

By Joey Morgan - April 13 2008
The Seven Golden Rules of Sevens
Pink Ba-Ba's Seven Rules for Rugby 7s

The First Rule of Sevens is.....Nobody talks about sevens

The Second Rule of Sevens is......don't kick in sevens

The Third Rule of Sevens is.........Loop in the middle and switch on the ends

The Forth Rule of Sevens is........Spaces not faces

The Fifth Rule of Sevens is........we don't go with less than five

The Sixth Rule of Sevens is.......don't take contact

The Seventh Rule of Sevens is.....if this is your first match, you have to show and go!

1st amendment - pumpkins cannot play sevens

2nd amendment - (can't remember i'll come back to this one!)

3rd amendment - once over the line with the ball, its a Pink Ba Bas duty to apply downward pressure on the ball.