The Team at 16

By Baston CC - June 24 2016
The Team at 16 When looking at the 16 year old lads in our team, it's easy to forget that we also used to look young and stupid, and not the finely tuned athletes we are now.

Team at 16 - Dave Conlon

Dave Conlon looks like the sort of footballer that would mark you, and you'd be begging to be subbed at half time.



Team at 16 - Andy Keen

Not sure what age Keeno is in the photo on the left, but he looks about 12.



Team at 16 - Liam Davies

When Liam had hair. Still grumpy.



Team at 16 - Andy Burrill

Angry Burrill "This was when I had hair". Well it looks like it's trying to escape.



Team at 16 - Neil Knox

Neil hasn't changed much. Just swapped his bow tie for a collar.



Team at 16 - Ben Hudson

The people's captain enjoying a bit of crazy golf in the Yorkshire sunshine



Team at 16 - Mark Richardson

Mark before he grew up



Team at 16 - Adam Hilless

The skipper found the only photo of him where it looks like he's got hair. Serious comb forward going on.



Team at 16 - James Tickler

Fantastic 16 year old haircut from the Wicker Man



Team at 16 - James Biggs

Chief bore Biggsy looks like he was a chef as a 16 year old



Team at 16 - Tim Dyer

Not sure if Tim sent a black and white photo because it was before colour photography or to hide the ginger.



Team at 16 - Debbie Hague

Tim's lesser half, and notorious non-lift giver Deb, looking like a young Richard Whiteley



Team at 16 - John Lamin

Lamin looking like the lesbian heroine of an Enid Blyton novel.



Team at 16 - Mark Richardson 2

Bit of bonus VSM



Team at 16 - James Tickler 2

Bonus Tickler, or is it James Bond