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Haverfordwest Website Report
lowgear (IP Logged)
15 February, 2010 09:59
Whoever wrote this report was at a different game than everyone else. The blues didn't look like scoring because the Nomads lads defended well, had a lively midfield and stopped their opponents getting near the penalty area.
And as for the comments about Haysey being ex-Wrexham :-!

Re: Haverfordwest Website Report
Oliversa1 (IP Logged)
15 February, 2010 22:14
Just for info - Hazy was with Wrexham for three seasons in the Youth Academy. Prior to that he was a Centre of Excellence player with Chester City followed by Crewe Alexander. He then played for Ellesmere Port JFC, moving into open age to play for Ellesmere Port FC in the West Cheshire AFL. Last season (2008-2009) he joined Capenhurst Villa and during the summer of 2009 signed for Heswall FC before signing for Gap Connah's Quay. Hope this helps. :-)

Re: Haverfordwest Website Report
lowgear (IP Logged)
16 February, 2010 07:51
Thanks for that info - but still very tenuous to say ex-Wrexham. Mind you the way he played Sunday he could well have been. Worked hard and worried the Haverfordwest defenders.

Re: Haverfordwest Website Report
Nathan Auty (IP Logged)
19 February, 2010 14:21
Sorry, been unable to update the site untill today.

Our own match report for this game, with our own slant on the game, has replaced the match report previously provided.


Nathan Auty
Media Officer

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Re: Haverfordwest Website Report
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06 March, 2012 07:33

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Re: Haverfordwest Website Report
phoebesss (IP Logged)
17 August, 2018 09:35
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Re: Haverfordwest Website Report
daisyjane2018 (IP Logged)
05 March, 2019 07:38
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Re: Haverfordwest Website Report
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28 June, 2019 08:57
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Re: Haverfordwest Website Report
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