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10 November, 2009 13:11
Not long now until the game of games.

Any team news or any news on Jukesy's 5 bedroom extension that he has built following the sale of replica jerseys last year?

Many particpants getting in match practice for various teams around the town Stags, Heughers, Bucks, Ams all ready to come together to be welcomed by the Hostess with the Mostess Shirley who will no doubt ensure that Boxing Day is enjoyed with a smile and a laugh.

Is the Prince of Swales attending to post match games? Is the Prince intending to grace Grayfields?

Much excitement to come!

10 November, 2009 13:20
Have been trying to get hold of Phil - can I leave a message for him.

Phil, just to let you know that the final payment for the extension is fine after Boxing day when you said that you would have the rest of the money 'from the lads' - not sure what you meant but that's OK by me.



11 November, 2009 10:17
Just to let everyone know that I will be covering this one as usual this year. Thanks to Phil for the 'sponsorship' a night out at the Indian - not sure where he got the money from but it was appreciated.

Thanks again - by the way was it you in the 59 plate Ferrari that I saw at Stranton Leisure Club the other day Jukesy. Are you Chief Playstation 3 operator there now as the money must be good for you to invest in a car like that.

Best Wishes


Manager of the Palm - Dubai (IP Logged)
11 November, 2009 15:10
I am trying to contact a Mr Dukes as regards his recent contact with me.

I can confirm that I have received his payment of $4,000,069 in part payment of his new home. The balance of $23,000,000 is due 27th December 2009 as agreed.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.


PS We managed to source the Gold Plated Fire Engine Toilet Roll holder that you enquired about and this will be in place when you move in.

Mazza from the Cote d Espana (IP Logged)
11 November, 2009 16:46
Now lads - Mazza here!

Just a quick up date on my goings on. I have shacked up with Nicoloso Torres Corrigano who is the local smooth operator in these parts. He is the spit and pop of Moon but is right into his meat - Burgers, Kebabs, wafer thin ham and all tha.

Mind you I would still give old Moonie one.

Anyway the reason for me coming on here is that I think I saw that Jukesy lad pass the seafront the other day in a yacht i thought it was Roman Abramovich at first but I saw that the fella had his collars up and green cords on - I shouted and asked him how the lads were and he said summit back to me - I think it was "Those Mugs" or summat. Anyway he seems to be doing OK for himself.

See you all at Christmas for a bit of Dokey in the TDS. Are the Ant and Dec of TDS still knocking out the tunes every Saturday night?

Jukesy (IP Logged)
12 November, 2009 13:39
Blooming heck - how much abuse?!

I try to do my best with organising stuff and look what happens.

Anyway I have just got I havent been on nights I was at the Playboy mansion and have just flown in from LA on my private jet. Thought that I would fit in a quick holiday on my 64 days off.

All of this suggestion that I am making more from being a Gingers organiser than from the Leisure Club is disgraceful. All I want to do is let the lads look good in decent kit.

Anyway I should be able to name the team shortly for Boxing Day when I get back from South Africa - just off to watch England play in the first 20/20 match.

See ya later you Mugs - sorry I mean my best mates.

Phil 'Bill Gates' Jukes

The Blazer maker (IP Logged)
12 November, 2009 13:42
Now Phil - though I could not get you on your mobile. You must have been tied up in LA - hope them Playboy bunnies did not ask you what your favourite number was.

Anyway - the £5.99 plus VAT (sorry I missed the VAT off before) is now for each Blazer. Can you as the lads to let you have this as soon as you can.


Derek Trotter

PS My bank details for the halfs on the blazers is LLoyds TSB Peckham Account Del and Rodders Trotter

Boxing Day Player (IP Logged)
12 November, 2009 15:08
Its started already (the Craic) but I think its disgacefull the abuse you Gingers are giving Mr Jukes. You wont see us Stashers dishing this sort of crap out in the build up to the big game, we are a proper team

Nicoloso Torres Corrigano (IP Logged)
12 November, 2009 15:31
Hellos all of you. After a wild nite of pasion wit a mazza last nie i wud like to tank yo for thending her out to me. She is a greater. She talkes of amoonie from artlepool all time but thays ima betta. I tink she isa hom for winta to thing on okeydoke wit u boyth. Pleeth sent her bac to me..Tank yo hav gud game a boxthing day.

Jukesy (IP Logged)
13 November, 2009 22:13
Now lads just seen the England boys win the first 20/20 in Joberg - my jet awaits for trip to London for the Pumas clash at Twickenham - just a reminder to get your money in as soon as you can for the good value kit- honestly the gear is worth what you are paying for it.

Nicoloso - don't worry we will look after your hot babe Mazza - we have organised a night out with Moon in the TDS cellar - she said something like she wants to relive old times with her leg up on a barrel.

Anyway I'm off to pay my collar ironer before I leave.

See ya Mugs!

Love Melon Heed.

PS Debs, can you tell the Leisure Station that I will get FIFA 2010 for the Playstation in duty free.

Sir Alan Stanford (IP Logged)
16 November, 2009 16:04
Hi Phil - my new best mate.

Just wondering if you fancied a game of Black Jack in the Monte Carlo Casino tonight - then we can have a bit crack about our new venture 'The Ginger Property Co Ltd'. We should be able to complete this after 26th December as you wish.

Can you bring me the loose change you borrowed in Jo Berg as I need to pay my cleaner - just to remind you it was $20,000,000.

Cheers 'the Jukster'.

Al Stanford

The Juke of Westminster (IP Logged)
16 November, 2009 16:06
See you there guys.


Ginger Management (IP Logged)
19 November, 2009 13:18
Heard from a good source the other day that The Stashers have already started their 'ringing' activity and have approached a number of players about appearing for them on Boxing Day.

HM Revenue and Custom (IP Logged)
19 November, 2009 13:46
Dear All

Does anybody know the whereabouts of the above mentioned Mr Phill Jukes? We have been trying to trace him now for some time in relation to our investigations into money laundering activities, but we have been unable to track him down. Mr Jukes was first brought to our attention after his bank reported an ‘exceptional’ increase in deposits, which began around the middle of 2009. Although some of this increase could be explained by overtime payments by his employers (The British Taxpayers), with an increase in demand for his services, which include fitting smoke alarms and organizing trips to sporting events, the amounts involved were far beyond this!!

We understood he worked at the Hartlepool Leisure Centre (formerly known as Hartlepool Fire Station), but when we had our surveillance team watching the building for over 3 months he was never recorded entering or leaving the building in all that time, to be honest there wasn’t too much activity from anybody during that period!

If you have any information please contact us immediately.

Ted rogers (IP Logged)
08 December, 2009 14:22
Hoping for a big turnout at the club this year, got a brand new game show that the full club can play. So get yourself down to tech and have a great day, 3 2 1

Crooks & Cheatum Associates (IP Logged)
14 December, 2009 12:40
Tried to catch you at your Leisure facility but some uncouth unwashed civil servant informed one that you were unattainable and last seen on a yacht off the coast of Benidorm…I find that hard to believe unless you were enroute to either Monte Carlo or the Algarve?
Anyway just to inform we have now submitted all the papers in conjunction with your claim against the TDS…we have inserted a total claim of £1million damages as discussed previously in juxtaposition to loss of earnings due to your designated day job (i.e. apparently the Fire Service?) and potential loss of career earnings from your sporting livelihood…initial feeling is that you don’t have a cat in hells chance being that you’re a useless klutz but will endeavour to get a result…where there’s blame there’s a claim!
Also to inform you that ‘The Ginger Property & Clothing Co.’ is now registered with Company House and wish you all the luck in what should be a very profitable venture…make sure you fleece them Gingers for all their worth!
I appreciate your custom.
Ivor Crooks (Partner)
Crooks & Cheatum Associates
Lawyers to the stars!
Italic Text

Jim 'Bully' Bowen (IP Logged)
15 December, 2009 10:25
Now Ted...I thought you were dead? Or is it that times are hard since ITV dropped you instead of Ant & Dec? How's dusty?
Anyway how did you get the gig at the TDS? I've been trying to bring Bully back for years…any chance of me doing a turn before you? My garage is full of bendy bullies and a couple of motor boats so the prizes would be taken care of…I’ve still got the Bully dartboard and I think Tony ‘Superdart’ Green would be interested in turning out…infact I seen Eric ‘The Crafty Cockney’ Bristow the other day and I’m sure he’ll love to come and throw for charity!!!
Let me know what you think.

Brucey Forsyth (IP Logged)
15 December, 2009 10:45
GGGooooddd game! Nice to see you to see you nice!
Since the final of Strictly is this Saturday my agent thought it best that I rest over the Xmas period but with the amount of Viagra I’ve taken over the past month or so to keep up with Tess I’ve enough energy to keep me going until 2011! So count me in!
What do you want me to do? Play your cards, The Generation Game or I could even do The Price is Right? (but will have to check with Joe Pasqaule for legal purposes)
I’ve arranged the golden 4ball of Ronnie, Tarbs and Connery to play Seaton on the 27th Dec so we’re in the area…I’ll bring the lads along as well…mind you if you can check with the TDS if they have any single malts as Sean is a nightmare if he is not blessed with the divine beverage.
PS. If you want to do the Generation Game give me a shout and I’ll bring Isla St Claire along as well!

Isla St Claire (IP Logged)
15 December, 2009 10:58
Brucey…great idea.
I was planning to come to the Pool for Xmas anyway…I’m currently down in Spain doing the Benidorm circuit…its slow this time of year but have a huge opportunity in the New Year…I’m teaming up with an established entertainer in the area called Vicky Leyton…you might know her better by her nickname ‘Sticky’? Anyway to cut a long story short I managed to shack up in some digs with a fabulous girl named Mazza who has given me a new lease of life, both for my career and sexually! She’s taking me back to the pool on the understanding that there is a hunk there by the name of Moon who is going to give both me and Mazza a good seeing to in the TDS cellar so if you play your cards right and take your Viagra you could also hit the jackpot! Just like old times!!!
Looking forward to catching up.
Love always,

Marrion (IP Logged)
16 December, 2009 10:18
Hi Boys Especially Moon.
Just thought I would confirm that I'll be at the TDS on Boxing day to see you all, im after good seeing to in the TDS cellar off Moony...Its been a while and that Nicoloso Torres Corrigano i met over in Benidorm was not all he lived up to be. I may have my friend with me Isla St Claire hope thats ok. Is Shirley doing the food again..cracking spread last year I heard.
Can anyone let me know whos gonna be there then from the old crowd has any teams been announced yet. I cant wait to see old Moony galloping around that field again..Ooooo what great legs he has. Any way im off to make my ginger Banner supporting moon for the game. Catching my flight in a few days see you all next week.
Love Mazza

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